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2016 High Times SoCal Cup / Kush Stock Festival Recaps

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Latest News

April has been a busy month for our sales team. We traveled to San Bernadino, CA for the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup and also exhibited at Kush Stock in Van Nuys, CA the same weekend. Needless to say, it was a very eventful couple of days for us!

The first day of the HTCC SoCal Cup went smoothly, with many people complementing us on our equipment and outstanding customer service. We talked in great detail about our new glass reactors, the improvements we’ve made to our award-winning vacuum ovens, as well as our rotary evaporators, vacuum pumps, and chillers.

Day two, we found a home for an AccuTemp-75a vacuum oven. A crucial production-level piece of extraction equipment, that particular oven comes with five individually heated shelves, a temperature controller for each shelf, all stainless steel interior vacuum tubing, over-temperature protection, and a two year warranty. No doubt, the oven will be put to great use!

Our third day at the cup was also productive. We gave Remo a very warm welcome to our booth; he had traveled all the way from BC, Canada to join us! Another fun thing we decided to do was give away one of our latest AccuTemp-19 vacuum ovens. The winner was chosen on Sunday afternoon. Overall, we were very pleased by the turnout and the feedback we received from our customers. We’re all looking forward to coming back again next year, bigger and better than ever.

Highlights from the HTCC SoCal show.

We would also like to congratulate AiFam: Loudpack Extracts with Greenwolf and Crockett Family Farms, Gold Drop Co. with Blue River, Critical Concentrates, and Zeinstein Gardens for their award-winning High Times cup entries. Great work!

Kush Stock celebrated its first year and was presented by Doctor K. The show featured live entertainment, a variety of vendors, lots of really cool swag, and plenty of sunshine. We enjoyed the two days we spent there and were glad to be a part of the festivities. Thanks for hosting a great event!

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