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Spannabis Barcelona 2016 Re-Cap

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Cannabis Events, Latest News

In March, our team traveled to beautiful Barcelona, Spain for the 13th annual Spannabis trade show. This has been our second year attending. In the three days the show was held, we met a lot of wonderful people and truly enjoyed spending time with all of the Ai Fam that made it out this year.

It’s been quite the memorable experience. Our 1.9 cubic foot Accu-Temp vacuum oven was featured in a live extraction demonstration, in association with HQ Barcelona, Subzero Scientific, and Feisal Budderman of Oil Hunters (1st place winner for solvent extractions at Dab-A-Doo Barcelona, Valencia, & Amsterdam 2016, and the Spannabis of the previous year). The demonstration covered the process of dewaxing, solvent removal and decontamination from start to finish, and was highly informative. People had traveled from all over the world to see the event and learn more about this advancing medical science, which has experienced seriously uneven growth, due to political boundaries.
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While we were in Spain, four different cups were happening simultaneously — DabaDoo, Social Clubs Cup, Spannabis, and Leyendas de Hashish. We are proud to report that all four of these cups selected winners that were using our vacuum ovens!

  • DabaDoo is a hash competition that takes place in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Feisal won 1st place for solvent extractions at both competitions with his AccuTemp-19 and AccuTemp-75, along with his Edwards RV8 and nXDS10i vacuum pumps.
  • Social Clubs Cup was sponsored by Weedmaps and Canna, and was a competition between cannabis associations nationally. There were numerous winners who used Ai equipment.
  • Spannabis was won by Daire of Devils Harvest Seeds / KMC Trading. KMC trading is both an Ai Authorized Distributor and a user of our ovens. 2nd place at Spannabis was won by Lorenzo Pugliese of Nerd Creations, who has studied extraction in the United States with Daniel “Big D” DeSailles, organizer of the Secret Cup and a many-time cup winner, himself. Both Lorenzo and Big D still use the ovens they bought from us years ago, not only for solvent purging, but also for achieving unique textures with their materials, solventless included.
  • Lorenzo also used his vacuum oven to make wax with rosin for the Leyendas de Hashish Cup, which is an exclusively solvent-free competition. He used Ai vacuum ovens to manipulate his solvents’ textures, creating many interesting applications by doing so.

We’d like to thank Oil Hunters 710 / Doctor Feis Grow Shop, Nerd Creations, HQ Barcelona, Weedmaps, Sublimator, Subzero Scientific, and Spannabis for their hospitality and for coordinating such a successful event. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Thank you to Sly Vegas of Sly Vegas Photography for providing all of the photography featured in this post.

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