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Chalice Festival 2017 – Show Summary

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Latest News

Despite scorching temperatures in California’s Mojave Desert, thousands of people recently flocked to the annual Chalice Hash Festival to celebrate good music, beautiful functional glass pieces, and the finest cannabis concentrates the state of California has to offer. Now four years strong, Chalice has certainly lived up to its reputation by putting on a great show with headlining artists: Ice Cube, Thievery Corporation, and STS9.

Even though the July heat was nothing short of brutal, festival goers enjoyed the finest waxes, resins, and shatters –many of which were processed with AI Vacuum equipment. Judges who purchased or were lucky enough to receive an entry pack consumed their way through numerous entries of flowers, solvent extracts, non-solvent extracts, and vape pens before casting their votes for a winner.

The winner of the Overall Best Solvent category took home our co-sponsored prize package, which included a complete Ai 5L short path distillation set up with an Ai 5L heating mantle, Welch 1400N corrosion-resistant dual stage pump, J-KEM DVR digital vacuum regulator, and Polyscience MX recirculating chiller. We would like to congratulate Panacea Farms on their victory at Chalice. We are pleased to have them join our family and begin to use our amazing equipment!

Chalice is always a great opportunity for us to link up with some of our lifelong customers, like #AiFam Guild Extracts, who’ve become quite famous for producing THCA crystals and infused live resins. They use our vacuum ovens , T40 cold traps, and rotary evaporators. We had the chance to meet up with another customer of ours, who is now using our vacuum ovens and pumps for decarboxylation and vacuum drying their CO2 products, pre and post de-wax. Their company branched out quite a bit since they started, with several unique ventures such as women’s medicated creams infused with CBD and THC, medicated snack foods, and a new non-alcoholic THC infused beer with natural hops. Ai Vacuum equipment has such a versatile range of applications; everything from cosmetics to consumable packaged goods!

Vader Extracts was also present, and is another long-term user of our vacuum ovens, Edwards nXDS pumps, and our awesome rotary evaporators. The quality truly speaks for itself. This is just a small sampling of their amazing Instagram feed!

From all of us here at Ai Vacuum, thank you for making the Chalice 2017 Glass & Music Festival such a positive experience, despite the hot weather. We are truly blessed to partner and work with so many talented companies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Our business relationships with our customers have withstood the test of time, and we of course attribute that to our outstanding customer service, technical support, and commitment to excellence. We could not be more pleased to be a part of such a great community. Thanks again. We’ll see you next year! 🙂

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