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Filtration is the process of separating solid material from a fluid mixture, this is done by use of a physical membrane, or filter, to capture only the solids that pass over it, while letting the fluid pass through. In the cannabis extraction laboratory, filtration is used at varying stages in the process, as well as in varying configurations.

Filtration Solutions

When & Why do I need filtration?

Filtration is an essential part of the initial extraction process. While many extraction systems do incorporate a mesh sock, or bag, in order to keep particulate out of the solution, a second more fine filtration is almost always done. Often times filter media, like charcoal, diatomaceous earth, bleaching clays, and absorbents, will be added during this stage, as a means to selectively remove certain pigments, lipids, and various chemical compounds. At this point there is now no plant material, or particulate of any kind in the extracted solution and distillation can begin.

Key Applications

Extraction & Winterization

Isomerization & Conversions


Filtration Products

Sambo Creek 400 to 800mm Filter Trollies

  • C1D1 Compliant pneumatic powered AODD pump
  • Implosion safety valve mounted on casters
  • German Polypropylene shell material
  • Debem Brand AODD Pump
This machine is tough, durable, and virtually indestructible. Made of PP, it is compatible with Nitric, Hydrochloric, and similar acids, as well as bases. These units are also great for use with ethanol, isopropyl, and many other solvents.

Infinity 1-3 Funnel Stainless Steel Winterization Filter Table

Optional ULVAC DA-241 diaphragm pump connection kit
  • 3/4″ to 5/8″ hose barb adapter x 1(P/N: 34-58-reducer)
  • 5/8″ silicone tubing x 6 ft(P/N: VH.58.XF)
  • 3/4″ silicone tubing x 6 ft(P/N: VH.34.XF)
Optional Welch 2085 Explosion-proof diaphragm pump connection kit
  • KF25 to 3/4″ barb adapter x 1(P/N: KF-34-1)
  • KF25 clamp and oring set x 1(P/N: KF25-FC-CR)
  • 5/8″ silicone tubing x 6 ft(P/N: VH.58.XF)
A scalable solution for cannabis winterization. These tables are capable of filtering as little as 5 gallons per hour, and in excess of 100 gallons per hour, all while keeping process material at sub-zero temperatures.

Ai 24/40 Heavy Wall 600mL Buchner Funnel W/ 40-80 Micron Frit

  • Ai 600mL heavy wall Buchner funnel with course frit, allowing you for vacuum filtering and separating solids from liquids.

Glass Buchner funnels are essential for vacuum filtration. When paired with an Erlenmeyer flask, a versatile bench-top system is created. These systems are ideal for medium to small scale processes.

Bel-Art Polyethylene Buchner Funnel with Fixed Filter Plate

  • Operating Temperature range of -20ºC (-4ºF) to 52ºC (125ºF)
  • For use with the F36820-0118 Funnel Trowel
  • Fritware® Porous Filter Plates available in two porosities (medium and coarse)

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