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Lift Expo 2016 – Toronto, Eh?

by | Jun 7, 2016 | AI Fam, Cannabis Events, Latest News

Our trip to Canada began on a somber note; 43 previously licensed dispensaries were raided on Friday morning, and 90 arrests were made during the process. This all happened one day before the show.

Despite the raids, the show went very well for our team. We had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with Roji from Roji Research, who showed us some of the incredible medicinal cannabinoid distillates that uses our SolventVap rotary evaporators to remove alcohol from, prior to fractional distillation. He then cures the distillate in his Elite 7.6 and AccuTemp 7.5 five-zone vacuum ovens.

Roji Research holds the highest standards for Canadian patients.  They offer consultation and lab build-outs for everything a medical cannabis lab needs (including Across International products), and for US labs trying to build facilities to produce THCa crystals, pure CBD distillates, and more full-spectrum cannabinoid mixtures.

We also met up with our good friend Remo, the Urban Grower and his wife, Sandra, of Remo Nutrients. Remo recently made a video that he will be releasing, featuring the latest Ai technology. A long-time user of Ai equipment, Remo uses an E23 vacuum oven, and EasyVac 9 CFM pump for his own processing of the flowers he grows with his nutrients.

There were many distinguished speakers present at the exposition. We were privileged to talk on an individual basis with Tom Shipley, Katya Boudko (R&D at Tweed), and Mark Zekulin (president at Tweed). Tom is Tweed’s A/RPIC and Quality Assurance Person. He ensures compliance with Division 4, Division 5 and Part 6 of the MMPR and ensures compliance with the Food and Drug Act as well as providing guidance for compliance with other sections of the MMPR. Thomas Shipley had already been using Across International laboratory equipment in his facility, which services roughly 15% of Canada’s patient population.

In addition to meeting the staff of Tweed, we met up with Enrico Bouchard, the inventor and CEO of the Sublimator.ca, who released his new Excalibur model of his many cup-winning sublimator. It includes Kryogenic vacuum lab glass, able to cool vapor up to 15º prior to it being inhaled by patient.

We discussed with National Access Cannabis and MyCannabis.org in regards to the efforts that they are making to help Canadians who are qualifying for the medical cannabis program and prescriptions to register and get access to clean, safe medicine.

Last but not least, we want to extend a warm thanks to all of our friends that we also got to see at the Lift Expo this year. Dank Fung Extracts, Terpp Extractors, The Great Gardener, Xotic Seeds, and Grower’s Paradise. Thank you to everyone who made our trip to the great north such a big success. We’re looking forward to returning next year!

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