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NECANN Boston Showcases Safe Cannabis Technology

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Cannabis Events, Latest News, Rotary Evaporators, Vacuum Ovens

Our team hit the ground running at the 2018 New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) in Boston, MA. Branded as one of the largest US cannabis events, NECANN featured 200+ vendors and 6,000+ attendees. NECANN boasts four unique learning tracks with catered seminars for each area of interest. This year’s tracks included medical marijuana, business, growing demos, and business innovation.

Ai Vacuum exhibited at booth 118 in the Hynes Convention Center. The booth mirrored the flow of cannabis refinement process from start to finish. This illustrated a first-hand look at floor space requirements, machine capabilities, and the different end-products that can be made with each piece of equipment.

Which machines are right for the job?

CO2-derived edibles, cartridges, high concentrate cannabinoids, and dabbing oils are best suited for extraction methods that utilize Ai UL/CSA certified rotary evaporators. When paired with a dual condenser kit, water bath cover, and a dual receiving flask kit, Across International’s SolventVap rotovaps can increase production rates by as much as 75%. Say goodbye to bottlenecks in production with the incorporation of these unique advanced features!

Ethanol extractions made to produce tinctures, cartridges, high concentrate cannabinoids, and dabbing oils are a great fit for our rotary evaporators and jacketed glass reactors. For hydrocarbon end products such as slabs, dabbing oils, tinctures, and high concentrate cannabinoids, we recommend our award winning vacuum ovens and pumps. Water extractions are ideal for jacketed glass reactors and freeze dryers.

More information about end products and the machines best suited for each extraction can be requested from our lightning fast sales team.

This year’s New England Cannabis Convention proved to be a great opportunity. We met with many talented and enthusiastic professionals who are genuinely interested in furthering the scientific research of cannabis medicine. NECANN offered many informative seminars which highlighted industry best practices, new technology, and live demonstrations. With all of the benefits NECANN has to offer, it’s no surprise that this event continues to gain traction.

For more information about our award winning equipment – Please request a quote, send us an email, or call us at 888-988-0899. We look forward to hearing from you.

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