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Toronto Lift Expo 2017 & Extraction Laws in Canada

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Latest News

Canada’s largest cannabis show, the Toronto Lift Expo, included well over 200 companies from many countries. The show provided two full days of seminars for attendees.

Many of these informative lectures discussed the ambiguity surrounding the laws of cannabis extractions in Canada. Unless legally licensed, hydrocarbon extractions are currently not legal in Canada. This has resulted in a “gray area” of legal debate between processors and officials.

There was a huge focus on CO2 extractions and uncertainty about the laws regarding organic solvents, hydrocarbon and ethanol. Despite a ban on hydrocarbon extractions, there was a Canadian hydrocarbon extractor company which provided an impressive hydrocarbon extraction demonstration at the show.

One of the most popular live demonstrations was done by a distributor of ours, utilizing our rosin press to make solventless cannabis extractions (sometimes referred to as “SHO”). People gathered to watch our press flawlessly squish cannabis buds with massive amounts of pressure and gentle heat. It wasn’t long before we had people asking if they could try using the press as well!

Despite the ambiguity surrounding the laws of extraction in Canada, presenters at the Lift Expo provided excellent educational content through seminars. We encourage anyone with an interest in learning about the laws surrounding extractions in Canada to consider attending future Lift Expo events.

We’d like to thank everyone for making this event an informative and wonderful experience!

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