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Glacier Ultra Low Freezer Introduced: Lift Expo Vancouver 2018

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Latest News

The new year brings many exciting updates, including the debut of our incredible new Glacier series ultra low freezer. We were pleased to show off this great equipment at Lift Expo in Vancouver, Canada.

Highlights from the show

More than 200 exhibitors attended this massive trade show. Influential industry leaders held numerous discussion panels. An on-site cannabis career fair was simultaneously happening. There was even a live cooking demonstrations by a professional chef!

Our booth was conveniently located near the main stage. We had many engaging and meaningful conversations with our customer base. Popular discussions included process, sourcing appropriate equipment, certification requirements, and education about our incredible after-sale service and support capabilities.

We would like to take this opportunity to also congratulate our distributor, Evolved Extraction Solutions, for their Lift Canadian Cannabis Award! They were awarded second place in Top Extraction Equipment for the EV5 Hydrocarbon Extractor. Evolved offers complete turn-key packages that include our award winning Ai Vacuum equipment.

Ultra low freezer solves product storage concerns

Canada is on track to see recreational cannabis legalization in only a matter of months. As the country prepares to increase crop growth, the storage of plant material and end products will become increasingly important.

The Ai Glacier ultra low freezer will play a critical role in the upcoming demand. Smart security features include a locking door, password protection, and alarm system. UL and CSA certification is standard on our entire ultra low freezer collection.

Glacier series ultra low freezers are capable of reaching and maintaining temperatures as low as -86ºC. These reliable freezers come in three sizes and are perfect for any scale of production. The ultra low freezer can act as storage for crude oil, raw plant material, and help with winterization.

Lift Expo provided an excellent opportunity for us to showcase these amazing freezers. Stay tuned as we prepare for more shows!

For more information about our award winning equipment – Please request a quote, send us an email, or call us at 888-988-0899. We look forward to hearing from you.

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