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Ai 2 Liter Short Path Distillation Kit with Options

The Ai 2 liter short path system offers you the best glassware on the market for your fractional distillation project.

Ai Clear2 Short Path Distillation Kit Features

  • Thick walled glassware for increased durability
  • Downward material drain port
  • Vacuum jacketed vapor channel
  • Distillation head with three sets of vigreux
  • Thermo port on distillation head: 14/20 joint
  • Thermo port on boiling flask: 24/20 joint
  • Boiling flask to distillation head: 24/40 joint
  • Recirculating fluid and vacuum connectors: GL-16 adapter and 3/8″ hose barb
  • Glass material: high borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Optional T1 cold trap prevents vapors being evacuated from entering a vacuum pump where they would condense and contaminate it

Warranty: Glassware does not have warranties. Glassware may have minute blemishes that will not affect the function. If you believe there are imperfections on your glassware, please contact us. We check all our inventory and make sure no defective glassware is sent to our customers.

All short path equipment is intended for lawful purposes only.