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Lab Freezers

Laboratory freezers are a key component of every cannabis extraction, and processing, facility. Freezers are most commonly seen with temperature ranges from 0C, -20C, -40C, and -86C, depending on the model. Units can be small and benchtop, or as large as upright models, all of which are ideal for numerous applications ranging from winterization to cold storage.  

Important Features and Benefits

Find out why Ai laboratory freezers set the standard. Our freezers come equipped with all the essential features and benefits needed to ensure the highest yields, fastest results, and most functionality.


  • UL/CSA certified
  • Fully adjustable shelves and compartments
  • Built-in RS-485 ports
  • 2-year full-service warranty*

Popular applications:


  • WinterizationOne of the easiest ways to achieve winterization is within a freezer. Solution from an initial ethanol extraction can be filled into jugs and placed within the freezer, thus allowing for the winterization process to begin. Freezers are also extremely popular for winterization of CO2 and hydrocarbon extracts. The initial extract will be re-dissolved into a solvent, and the entire solution will be placed into the freezer, where the winterization process will begin.
  • Solvent storage/cooling– Whether it is ethanol, hexane, pentane, or water, freezers are a great option for cooling and storing small to medium volumes of solvent and solution. With easily configurable shelfs and racks storing solvents within freezers is very convenient.
  • Cold storage – Storing fresh frozen plant material, dry cured plant material, dry sift, as well as suspend solutions, are almost always done within a freezer. Ai freezers provide flexible options to accommodate all process goals.
  • Dry sift/ tumbling – The collection of cannabis trichomes from the plant material can be done many ways, some of the most classic methods involve dry sifting, or tumbling the plant material to knock off the trichomes, and then filter them into a fine collection. This is very commonly done within a freezer as it will allow for more efficient processing.
  • Formulations and processing – There are many points along the processing line where cold temperatures are essential. Examples can be seen when small filtration kits are placed within a freezer for winterization, or crystallization processes. As well as at certain stages in the formulations process such as cooling gummies and cooked goods, storing oils and tinctures, as well as many other applications.

Quality Construction

When looking for a laboratory freezer it is always essential to evaluate every option, but keep in mind that not all freezers carry the same functionality, nor service and support. All Across International laboratory freezers come with UL/CSA certifications, as well as a comprehensive warranty, backed by award winning technical support. Freezers feature emergency alarms, back up power for the controller, RS-485 communication ports, optional emergency/back-up cooling, as well as high quality components throughout. For more information on Ai freezers click here

*Warranty may vary from product line to product line, reference individual unit for details