Ai RapidChill 34 Cu Ft CF -86°C Ultra-Low Temp Upright Freezer UL 220V

The Ai RapidChill series -86C ultra-low upright ULT freezers is designed for fast cooling, ultra-low power consumption, very low noise, and ease of maintenance. All RapidChill ultra-low freezers are UL certified 



  • CDC and VFC compliant, great for storage of Covid-19 vaccines, DNA, RNA, virus samples, organs, and serum
  • State-of-the-art Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP, Micro-Cellular Polyurethane) insulated
  • Safe, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and easy-to-acquire HC refrigeration system
  • Remote alarm, RS-485 and optional 4-20mA transmitter
  • Door lock, high or low temperature alarms, power failure alarm, door open alarm, filter clogging alarm, password protection, tons of security features to protect you, your products, and the unit
  • Digital temperature display with microprocessor-based temperature controller
  • All stainless steel interior for clean operation, durability, and ease of maintenance
  • Dual silicon sealing gaskets for ultra airtight operation
  • 48-hour battery backup for controller and alarm
  • Extremely quiet and reliable
  • Built-in swivel casters with leveling feet
  • Compliant to UL 61010-1 and CSA C22.2 standards


 Model G34he
 Electrical requirements 230V 50/60Hz. 1300 watts, 7 amps

Temperature range: -40°C to -86°C
Time from ambient to -86°C: 6 hours
Uniformity: ±3°C
Time from -86°C to -50°C with door close (ambient 25°C): 5 hours

1 min door open recovery time (ambient 25°C, running temp -75°C): 40 mins

 Volume34 cu ft
Working environment – Temperature: 10°C to 32°C (humidity <57% Rh required at 32°C)
– Humidity: <80% Rh
– Altitude: < 2000 m / 6561 Ft
– Stable, well-ventilated platform with no excessive dust
– Keep freezer at least 12 inches from any walls or ceiling
– Use dedicated power, do not share outlet
– Extension power cable should be less than 10 feet is required
– Freezer and power outlet should be grounded properly
– Avoid direct sunlight, water spill and do NOT use freezer outdoor
– Clean condenser fins and remove frost inside chamber at least once a month
– Important! Do not plug in your unit. Leave your Ai refrigerator or freezer for
24 hours before turning the unit on for the first time.

Dimensions: 40 x 28 x 51.5″ (WxDxH)

Shelf max. weight capacity: 126kg (278lbs)
Max. weight capacity of unit: 504kg (1111 lbs)
5x5x2″ boxes capacity: 700 boxes
 Shelf Come with unit: 3 (4 compartments), fully adjustable
Dimensions: 29.5 x 26.7″ (WxD)
Max. load capacity: 200 Lbs
Material: 304 stainless steel
 UsageInverter technology for 0.33kWh/day/cu-ft ultra-low power consumption, comparing to Thermo TSX70086A’s 0.36 kWh/day/cu-ft
 Noise level 47 DBA
 Unit dimensions 51 x 39.5 x 78″ / 54 x 43.5 x 84.5″ (WxDxH)
 Unit/shipping weight 990 Lbs / 1070 Lbs
  • High/low-temperature alarms
  • Hot condenser alarm
  • Power failure
  • High/low voltage
  • Sensor error
  • Low battery
  • High ambient temperature
  • Door ajar
 Compliance UL, Energy Star, CE
 Warranty  2-year full service, 3-year parts, 5-year compressor


All equipment is intended for lawful purposes only.


  • Do not plug in your unit. Leave your Ai refrigerator or freezer for 24 hours before turning the unit on for the first time.
  • This unit is NOT designed to be used on a mobile platform.