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Thin Film Distillation

Across International thin film distillation systems offer an efficient and affordable solution for the purification of cannabis and hemp oils. By optimizing short path and condenser design Ai has created a system that produces the highest quality Hemp and Cannabis distillates.

High Quality and Efficiency

The TG-6 and TS-6 by Across International are both distillation systems for creating high quality hemp and cannabis distillate. These two series utilize carefully designed advantages to traditional thin-film distillation systems, allowing for higher efficiency and superior ease of operation.

Thin Film Distillation Systems


Glass Thin Film Distillation System

For mid-level distillation volume

  • Suitable for cannabis and hemp
  • 2-5L per hour
  • Heated feeding funnel and gear pump feed to evaporator
  • 4,000 cm2 condensing surface area, 2,500 cm2 evaporating surface area
  • Choice between PTFE rollers or spring tensioned segmented wiper blades upon purchase


316L Stainless Steel Thin Film Distillation System

For large scale distillation volume

  • Suitable for cannabis
  • 3-8L per hour
  • 304 stainless steel fluid lines come preinstalled on the unit
  • Fully heated distillate and residue flow paths
  • Includes a stainless-steel flask with full length sight glass window on residue side
  • Choice between PTFE Rollers or Spring Tensioned Graphite-PTFE composite wiper blades for maximum temperature resistance and wiper performance

What is Thin Film Distillation?

Distillation is an application performed in laboratories all over the world, with the purpose of purifying or separating liquid compounds. This process is common in industries such as the brewing or distilling of alcoholic beverages, extraction, chemical plants, petroleum refineries, and many other industries. At Across International, we aim to provide a selection of jointed glass and stainless steel solutions that are specifically tailored for ensuring optimal hemp and cannabis distillation procedures to improve your results and end products. Today’s cannabis and hemp leaders want to distill faster, protect their brand, and expand their business. We ensure our wiped film distillation equipment goes beyond the standard purification expectations, so our customers can make top tier products in a competitive space. We carry everything from short path distillation kits and systems to distillation heads, receivers, columns and other components. Quality and accuracy are core values when taking care of your laboratory needs.

Benefits of our thin film distillation systems

Patented Designs

For short path distillation

Ease of control

Single-stage processing for versatility in your lab

Professional Certified

ETL tested to UL and CSA standards, ISO 9001:2015 certified


Auto delay safety circuit for diffusion pump cooling

Quick Installation

On-site installation within contiguous US included

A Complete Turn-key Solution for Continuous Distillate Production

Across International distillation systems combine innovation with best-in-class performance, featuring improved 3.3 borosilicate and AISI 316 Ti steel construction. Designed for compounds of high viscosity and molecular weight, this semi-automated system is a complete turn-key solution for continuous distillate production. Optimized for operation at extreme vacuum, the system can reduce the boiling point of thermally sensitive products without decomposition.

Safety & Compliance

Our cannabis distillation systems comply with all relevant U.S. and Canadian regulations. Safety and education are paramount to operating worry free, so we offer installation and training as well.


All AI distillation systems come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty including parts and labor (excludes glass components), Huber recirculators are covered by a 4-year warranty and 24/7 technical support. We understand that response time matters, if something breaks, replacement parts will be shipped next day air – because time is money.

AI Botanical has the laboratory equipment & expertise you need to succeed!

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Experts On Support

We speak cannabis – and answer our phones. Our customer service reps and technicians know the product and science like the back of their hand. We’re here to support your staff with any distillation system questions or technical support that may occur.