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Welch 2052 2.3 Cfm Full Chemical-Resistant 4-Head Diaphragm Pump

The Welch-2052 is a high capacity, chemical duty vacuum pump that is oil-free, chemical resistant, and portable. It features a quad-stage, dry diaphragm that eliminates the the high cost of frequent oil changes.

It has a vacuum pump rate of 1.5torr and a pump speed of 2.3 CFM which creates the perfect pressure for vacuum purging BHO. Terpenes and CBDs become volatile at lower pressures which results in over-processing.

Across International has recently become the official dealer for Welch vacuum pump, and all pumps will continue to be made in Germany. They also include a 1 year warranty and technical support from Welch directly.

A free 3’3/8″ premium food grade silicone vacuum tubing – a $19.99 value – is also included with the purchase of any Welch pump.

All vacuum pumps are intended for lawful purposes only.