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Rosin Presses

Heated plate presses are the primary tool used to create rosin. Ice water extracts, dry sift, as well as cured plant material can be pressed between two plates in order to create a unique extract. This process involves heat and pressure, which push the target compounds out, where they are then collected. The rosin press is a crucial step in many solvent-free processes, and the primary method for creating these concentrates.

Key Features and Benefits

Find out why Ai rosin presses are so popular. Ai rosin presses provide the key features needed to produce high-quality solventless concentrates with consistency and repeatability.


  • Dual plate heating
  • Built-in timer alerts
  • High quality PID controllers with LCD screens
  • Hand press, pneumatic, and electric options

Rosin Explained

The rosin pressing almost always begins by loading the starting material (generally, flower, ice water extract, or dry sift) into a fine mesh bag. This is done in order to keep particulate out of the final product, as well as to keep the starting material in place. Pre-loading multiple bags can also speed up the overall process flow. Once the starting material is placed in an appropriately sized mesh bag it can either be pre-pressed or placed right into the rosin press. Pressure and heat are applied to the upper and lower plates, for a specific duration of time, in order to draw out the target compounds, which then flow out from the pressed area. Generally, parchment paper is used to direct and collect the rosin as it is pressed between the two plates. As the rosin is funneled down the parchment paper, it can also be collected in mason jars and various vessels. Rosin is a very popular extract for many reasons. It always comes directly from the plant, or from a solvent-less extraction, meaning the products are very flavorful and have not been shifted through various caustic solvents. Rosin can also be manipulated into many consistencies ranging from classic shatter to a sauce and slurry mixture, in classic temple ball styles, and many more.

The Across International Advantage

Across International offers an assorted range of rosin presses to meet every need. Our rosin presses all feature independent heating for the upper and lower plates, as well as construction in high quality aluminum. Ai rosin presses also come with award winning customer service and support. Reach out to our team for more information.