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Ai ETL C1D1 Dual-Jacketed 300L 316L-Grade Stainless Steel Reactor


  • Side-way condenser for low center of gravity
  • Dual jacketed. Sealed outer insulation jacket provides best temperature performance inside chamber
  • All wetted parts on main vessel and lid built with pharmaceutical grade 316L SST
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger for the best condensing results
  • ElectroPolished internal chamber
  • Detachable condenser and collection tanks
  • Dual collection tanks with big sight glass allows you to drain without breaking vacuum
  • High drain port clearance for easy draining or added filtration
  • Large ports (top 12″ bottom 6″) allows easy chamber cleaning
  • Top placed vacuum port on condenser provides better flow and condensing results
  • No messy cable, with space saving integrated stirring motor controller
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel frame with swivel casters
  • Positive/negative pressure gauge
  • Matte finish stainless steel
  • Customizable lid for various application
  • Tons of tri clamps adapters available, e.g. tri clamp to hose barb/KF25/NPT
  • Choice of bolted or pin clamp for various pressure applications
  • Flexible bellow condenser connection reduces shipping damage

    SR300 Stainless Steel Reactor with Reflux Condenser

    Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger


    • Never fill circulated heaters or chillers with water, always use Ai or manufacturer’s recommended thermal fluid
    • Always leave ample fluid space in heater reservoir to allow fluid heat expansion
    • Always keep system vacuum passage or drain valve open when heating up circulation jackets
    • Always make sure your vacuum pumps and diffusion pump fluid is clean and within limits

    All stainless reaction equipment is intended for lawful purposes only.