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Glass Reactors

Chemical reactors can take several forms, but the glass reactor is one of the classic staples in every laboratory. Glass jacketed reactors, and filter reactors, in particular, are ideal for many cannabis extraction and processing applications, such as initial extraction, winterization/filtration, decarboxylation, mixing, blending, re-crystallization, as well as other complex chemical reactions.

Important Features and Benefits

Find out why Ai glass jacketed reactors set the standard. Our reactors provide efficient and reliable solutions for countless laboratory processes. With options for reactor only packages, or for complete turnkey systems, Across International is always ready to provide the best fitting reactor solutions for sizes ranging from 10L to 200L.

  • High quality 3.3 Borosilicate glass
  • Reactors available in non-jacketed, single jacketed, and dual jacketed models
  • Explosion proof, C1D1 rated, models available
  • Fully optimized ancillary equipment
  • Filter reactor options available

Glass jacketed reactors and how they work

While the glass jacketed reactor does not have many moving parts, nor is it that complex of a design, it is an essential and crucial tool used in process chemistry, as well as every cannabis extraction facility. The most popular glass reactor is the single jacketed configuration. This style features an inner chamber where the process contents are held, and then a second glass wall placed a fraction of an inch from the inner chamber, this second glass wall creates a jacket around the inner chamber. Jacketed reactors like this are built for a heater/chiller to circulate a fluid through the jacket of the reactor, thus allowing for temperature control of the process. This is crucial for any applications where uniform and consistent heating/cooling are needed. Winterization, decarboxylation, and re-crystallization are key examples of processes that greatly benefit from the jacketed reactor and its ability to control temperatures.

In addition to temperature control, glass reactors can also provide agitation to the process. This is almost always achieved by means of an overhead stirrer that runs down through the lid and into the main chamber. For various process such as decarboxylation, agitation not only speeds up the reaction, but is also critical to ensure the crude oil does not bellow and muffin up as it is de-gassing.

Glass reactors can be run under vacuum. Another great feature of glass reactors is that they can be used with a vacuum pump to reduce the pressure within the process. As pressure decreases, so do the boiling points of most substances. This allows for many processes to be achieved faster, and at lower temperatures, while also avoiding the oxidative stress associated with the same processes at standard atmosphere.

Don’t forget the condenser. Most reactors also come standard with a condenser which can serve several purposes. Any time solvent recovery is the goal, the vacuum pump needs to be protected from vapors, or a distillation/ evaporation is occurring, condensers serve as the main tool for condensing and collecting the vapors that have come from the main reactor. Condensers are also the primary method used in refluxing processes.

Why Ai reactors?

Across International offers glass reactors in sizes from 10L to 200L, with non-jacketed, single jacketed, and dual jacketed options. Not only are we dedicated to ensuring that all of our reactors are held to the highest production quality, but we also strive to provide the same high quality customer service. With overnight shipping, comprehensive warranties, and fast response times, Across International is the premier glass reactor manufacturer.