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6″ Stainless Turnkey Thin Film Distillation Gen 3 ETL

Creating high quality hemp and cannabis distillate

Thin Film Distillation

Continuous distillation, a form of distillation, is an ongoing separation in which a mixture is continuously (without interruption) fed into the process and separated fractions are removed continuously as output streams. The TS-6 from Ai is the mid-level stainless distillation system for creating high-quality hemp and cannabis distillate. It utilizes an advanced thin-film technique, allowing for higher efficiency and lower temperatures during the distillation process as compared to standard short path distillation.


Wiped Film Distillation

Designed for

Wiped Film/Thin Film

3L-8L per hour

Feed Tank Volume

6″ diameter

Single-stage processing (single pass lights, single pass polish)

Size: 94” L x 25”W x 81” H
Warranty: 1-Year, labor not included outside of the U.S.

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    • Jacketed main evaporator body increases efficiency and protects user from high surface temperature
    • High precision PTFE rollers (or blades) and inner stainless steel surface allow a complete and uniform thin film on the heated surface and leave minimum process residue
    • Easy accessed low-placed jacketed material feeding flask
    • Improved simple design jacketed feeding tube for easy maintenance
    • Pre-installed cooling/heating tubing with fluid direction labels and M16 ports
    • Driving motor with magnetic coupling sealing ensures a high vacuum level
    • Constructed with stainless steel and Viton gaskets for ultimate corrosion resistance
    • Auto delay safety circuit for diffusion pump cooling
    • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame with swivel casters and leveling feet for mobility and stability
    • Redesigned drain port with sight glass for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    • Installation included in the price within contiguous 48 US states
    • Cold Traps are only suitable for use with dry ice or a cold finger chiller such as an IP-80 or TC100/TC100E. Always wear proper PPE when handling dry ice.
    • ETL tested to UL and CSA standards
ETL tested to UL and CSA standards
 Throughput 3L to 8L per hour (base on processes and material fed)

 Main Evaporator

 Evaporating area: approximately 2,500 cm2
 Material: stainless steel
 Fluid jacket volume: approx. 3.5L
 Heated circulator: 3kW heater, 300°C maximum operating temperature

 Main Condenser

 Condensing area: approximately 2,500 cm2
 Material: stainless steel
 Style: straight column
 Fluid jacket volume: approx. 2L
 Cooling/heated circulator: 2kW heater, -25°C to 200°C operating temperature

 Wiping System

 Style: roller
 Roller/blade material: PTFE
 Driving motor: speed-adjustable with magnetic coupling
 Motor controller: DELTA

 Cold Trap


 Material: stainless steel
 Depth: 16″
 Quantity: two
 Immersion cooler: PolyScience -80°C IP80 or Huber -100°C TC100
 Receiving flask volume: 1L

 Feeding System



 Gear pump x 1
    Speed: 20L/hour max. (2.4 mL/turn, 135 turn/minute), adjustable
    Material: stainless steel body with Viton gaskets
    Style: jacketed, heated
    Recommended circulating thermal fluid temperature: 80°C to 120°C
 Flask: glass, 10L, jacketed, refillable during operation, with lid
 Flask jacket volume: approx. 4L
 Heating controller: OMRON
 Heated circulator: 2kW heater, 200°C maximum operating temperature
 Construction: jacketed, heated, insulated stainless steel tubing

 Distillate/Residue Discharge

 Gear pump x 2
    Speed: 10L/hour max. (1.2 mL/turn, 135 turn/minute), adjustable
    Material: stainless steel body with Viton gaskets
    Style: jacketed, heated
    Recommended circulating thermal fluid temperature: 80°C to 120°C
 Sight glass: front glass sight with easy-remove clamp
 Heated circulator: 2kW heater, 200°C maximum operating temperature
 Construction: heated, insulated stainless steel tubing

 Vacuum System


 Vacuum gauge: Agilent gauge with LCD display for high vacuum application
 Vacuum pump: Welch CVRpro 30 with oil mist filter
 Diffusion pump: Agilent AX-65 (do NOT fill more than 30mL diffusion pump oil at a time)

 Sealing gasket

 All food grade Viton

 Electrical Control Cabinet



 Wiper motor controller x 1
 Gear pump controller x 3
 Distillate discharge tubing heater controller x 1
 Residue discharge tubing heater controller x 1
 Main power switch x 1
 Vacuum pump switch x 1
 Diffusion pump switch x 1
 Main Mounting Frame Heavy duty stainless steel, mounted on four swivel casters with leveling feet
 Main Power
 230V +/-5V, 1~phase 60Hz (50Hz power for Europe and Asia available upon request)

Unit dimensions & weight 

 94 x 25 x 81″ (WxDxH) , 1270 lbs

Shipping dimensions & weight

 1 Crate : 92 x 30 x 91″ (WxDxH) ,1341 Lbs  

 1 Pallet : 40 x 48 x 60″ ,600 lbs

 Compliance ETL tested to UL and CSA standards
Temperature Control Units
  • 2 QTY – Huber KISS 205B Heating Circulator for Material Feed and Discharge Pumps
  • Huber CC-308B Heating Circulator for Evaporator
  • Huber KISS K6 Refrigerated/Heated Circulator for Condensing Coil
  • Huber TC-100e Low Temp Cooler for Cold Trap

Create Distillate People Love

High Potency & Continuous Operation

In larger extraction labs where efficiency, repeatability and ease of use are critical, the TS-6 Wiped Film Distillation System is best suited for the job. This stainless steel system has gear pumps for material feed and discharge allowing it to operate in continuous mode. While optimizing operation, the TG-6 is also capable of taking your crude oil THC and CBD concentrations to over 90%. The thin film technique employed by the rotating wipers inside a jacketed stainless steel evaporator provides efficient and even heat transfer resulting in a high-quality distillate.

Repeatable Results

In order to create clean, high-potency distillate for tinctures, oils, vape pens, pills, edibles and other high-value formulated products you must also produce consistent results. Afterall, product consistency is fundamental to building and maintaining any successful brand. To achieve this consistency, the TS-6 provides several adjustable parameters including the feed speed, heating temperature and vacuum level, so you can optimize the distillation process for your quality of crude oil.

Easy To Use

In addition to utilizing their material processing expertise and operator feedback, our designers and engineers have developed a system that not only performs well but is also intuitive and ergonomic for ease of use. Using the system you can load crude oil into a material flask at an acceptable height, monitor any system-related information on a clear digital display, and follow the easy-to-follow cleaning procedure. Our tempered steel componentry on the TS-6 is extraordinary for the more experienced refining administrator and furthermore mitigates the danger of personal time because of broken glass.

Ai on-site installation within contiguous US included

The purchase of an Across International Thin film includes a two-day training and installation by our in-house distillation experts as well as a standard operating procedure and troubleshooting guide.

Whether you are new to distillation or a practiced veteran, Across International will provide you and your team with all the tools they need to start making high quality cannabis distillates.


Advancing the Science of Distillation

The TS-6 is designed and engineered from the experts at Across International. AI has been an industry leader in manufacturing heat treatment, lab, and material processing equipment for over 20 years. Trusted by top universities, researchers and corporations, we are proud to now bring that reliability and innovation to the perfection of cannabis distillation

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