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Reactors and Bioreactors

For the operation of HABITAT research you only need one control unit package and one vessel package. For sensitive cell cultures such as mammalian cells, select the cell variant of the control unit, with gassing rates of 0 – 2000 cc/min.
If you are using HABITAT as a fermenter, we recommend the ferment variant, with gassing rates of 0 – 20 000cc/min. If you decide to use the photobioreactor, the photo version is perfect for you. The addition “cct” in each package indicates there are connection options for 3 additional sensors: turbidity, CO2 and conductivity.

Important Features and Benefits

HABITAT research creates optimal conditions for cell cultivation
and microbial fermentation. Choose between single-walled and
double-walled vessels and volumes from 0.5 to 10 liters.

  • Individual PID handling
  • Heating sleeve or circulator
  • 2-motor sizes
  • Gas mixing system
  • 4+1 pumps
  • Intuitive operation and more automation


  • Bioreactor, fermenter or photobioreactor – Depending on the type of cells to be cultivated, you can use HABITAT as a bioreactor, fermenter or photobioreactor. It can be combined with our thermostats or with light panels. This guarantees a reliable and strong service from a single source.
  • Lid stand– The lid stand makes test preparation easier as the lid does not have to be removed and put down. Motor and sensors are hooked onto the side of the stand. This means that the connections on the lid are easy to reach and the sensors are well protected. Handling during autoclaving is also much more convenient: Everything together fits perfectly in the autoclave
  • Chaotic mixing – In addition to the familiar agitator control modes, there is a new mixing mode: In Chaotic Mode, mixing follows the mathematical principle of chaotic dynamic systems. This ensures a more homogeneous mixture. You can also choose between 3 different stirrer geometries: 6-blade disc, 3-blades segment and paddle stirrer. Up to 3 stirrers can be mounted on the stirrer shaft.
  • More automationCentral data acquisition takes place in the control unit tower. The hardware settings belonging to the experiment are also saved automatically. After a power failure, HABITAT research can restart automatically – if you want it to. You choose the maximum time without power supply yourself.