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Vacuum Ovens

Ai Vac Ovens are the #1 choice for BHO extractors around the world. These CE, UL, and CSA certified units set the standard for uniform and accurate heating and are ideal for all cannabis related process that require purging, drying, or degassing. Our award-winning vacuum ovens are used by some of today’s top extraction laboratories – including Mahatma ConcentratesMASS Extracts, and X-Tracted Labs – to create award-winning shatters and waxes.

Important Features and Benefits

Find out why Ai vacuum ovens set the standard. Our ovens come equipped with all the essential functions and features required for producing the cleanest and the highest quality concentrates.

  • NEW! UL, CSA, CE certifications are available
  • 2-year warranty
  • Precise temperature control and uniformity
  • Removable shelf options
  • 4th generation temperature controller with LCD screen
  • Built in over-temp and safety controls

What is a vacuum oven and why are they essential?

Vacuum ovens are heated chambers built for operation at reduced pressures. Once closed, the air-tight chamber is put under vacuum. This process removes the air in the chamber, thus reducing oxidative stress on the sample material, as well as decreasing the boiling points of the compounds within. Because the chamber is devoid of atmosphere, heat cannot be transferred via convention, as in a forced air oven, but is rather transferred by conduction. The chamber walls and trays emit radiant heat to the sample material. It is in this way that countless processes for material drying, off gassing, and separation are performed.

Don’t forget the accessories!

With a name like “vacuum oven” it is often easy to overlook the essential accessories needed for operation. Vacuum ovens do not come with a built-in vacuum pump, as such it is important to ensure the right pump is selected for the given oven, and application. Vacuum depth and flow rate are key factors in selecting the right pump. Special considerations should also be given to the style of vacuum pump and how it will work in your laboratory – rotary vane, dry scroll, and diaphragm pumps are the most popular options. Not certain what pump to choose? Our technical team is here to assist

In addition to a vacuum pump, cold traps are essential for the operation of vacuum ovens. In cannabis extraction, cold traps ensure no gaseous vapors reach the vacuum pump or are exhausted into the laboratory. When dealing with volatile solvents this is crucial for operator safety, as well as vacuum pump safety. Cold traps are also essential for condensing and capturing any valuable terpenes that may have escaped during the off-gassing and decarb processes. Click here to view our selection of dry ice and mechanical cold traps

Why use a vacuum oven in cannabis?

The vacuum oven is an extremely versatile piece of laboratory equipment. Because it utilizes heat, and vacuum, there are countless process that take place within them.

Purging and finishing hydrocarbon extracts The vacuum oven is the primary method used by all hydrocarbon extractors in order to purge and off-gas the remaining portions of solvent. This process is done in order to achieve clean and stable final products such as shatter, badder, budder, and wax.

Temperature control for Diamonds While modern THCA crystal production has shifted to stand alone pressure vessels, the vacuum oven is still very popular in this process. Hydrocarbon extractors will use the vacuum oven for its controlled heating, this allows them to better stay in the metastable zone during crystal growth, as they slowly evaporate off the hydrocarbon from the initial extraction.

Drying material Vacuum ovens are perfect for drying all kinds of material. At times they are the most ideal choice to assist in cleaning CBD crystals, or various cannabinoid compounds that are in crystalline form. Ai Vacuum ovens can also assist in the drying of plant material and the process of decarboxylation. While both of these processes are normally done in application-specific equipment, the vacuum oven is very versatile and is capable of handling these tasks as well as much more.


All vacuum ovens are intended for legal use only.