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Stainless Steel Reactors

Stainless steel chemical reactors provide all the functionality found in glass reactors, but also offer ease of operation with peace of mind. Because the reactors are built in stainless steel, they are much more resistant to impacts, thermal shocks, and the common points of breakage associated with glass. These reactors also offer the most efficient, and safe, solution for applications larger than 100L.

Important Features and Benefits

Find out why Ai stainless steel reactors set the standard. Our dual jacketed reactors provide efficient and reliable solutions for countless laboratory and industrial processes. With options for reactor only packages, or for complete turnkey systems, Across International is always ready to provide the best fitting reactor solutions for sizes up to 300L.

  • Peer reviewed Stainless Steel reactors
  • 100L, 200L, and 300L reactor configurations
  • Explosion proof, C1D1 rated, models available
  • 316L electro-polished stainless steel interior
  • Filter reactor options available

Popular Applications

  • Decarboxylation – this process is essential for the production of certain end products, as well as a workup step in many post-processing stages, such as short path distillation and recrystallization. The most common method for decarboxylation is the application of heat (vacuum and agitation can further assist in the process). On the bench top scale, a hot plate and beaker may be enough, but once the scale increases to medium and large batches, a jacketed reactor is almost always utilized. Ai stainless steel reactors are ideal for decarboxylation because they provide powerful stirring, large condensers, consistent vacuum, sturdy construction, and great heat transfer.
  • Winterization – Stainless steel reactors, and filter reactors, are ideal for winterization. The process involves cooling a solution of cannabis oil, and solvent, to a point below freezing. At temperatures ranging from -20C to -80C the fats, lipids, and waxes within the solution will begin to congeal and drop out.  There are many ways to achieve this, but for medium to large volumes, the stainless steel reactor is ideal. With a liquid jacket, a wide assortment of chillers, or heater/chillers, can be connected to the reactor. This allows for many options in terms of time to temperature, as well as target temperature. Ai Stainless steel reactors not only feature a liquid jacket, but also a second outer jacket of insulation, to further maximize efficiency.
  • Recrystallization – The process used to create CBD isolate is known as recrystallization, and is almost always done within a jacketed reactor, or filter reactor. This process uses the concept of crystallization in order to purify substances to a higher grade. Recrystallization is achieved by super saturating a solution with the target substance, thus forcing the substance to precipitate into crystals and fall out of solution. Thermal cycling from hot to cold is almost always a critical component, and one of the key reasons why jacketed stainless steel reactors are ideal for these applications. Based on the specified ramp rates and temperature swings desired, the exact temperature control device can be paired to the reactor, providing maximum efficiency.

    Why Ai reactors?

    Across International offers stainless steel reactors in 100, 200, and 300L models, all of which feature a dual jacket (liquid jacket and insulation jacket). Not only are we dedicated to ensuring that all of our reactors are held to the highest production standards, but we also strive to provide the same high quality customer service. With overnight shipping, comprehensive warranties, and fast response times, Across International is the premier reactor manufacturer.