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Vacuum Pumps

Across International provides a wide range of vacuum pumps including aspirator pumps, rotary vane pumps, diaphragm pumps, dry scroll pumps, as well as diffusion and turbomolecular pumps. By teaming up with top manufacturers like Agilent, Edwards, Vacuubrand, and Welch, we have expanded upon our own vacuum pump product line in order to provide comprehensive solutions for every application, whether it be roughing or ultra-high vacuum.

Types of vacuum pumps

The basic principle of a laboratory vacuum pump is to compress and expel gases that are in an enclosed chamber. By doing so, a pressure lower than atmosphere, a vacuum, is created. The compression of gases can be achieved by various means, each with their unique pros and cons. Rotary vane pumps, sometimes also referred to as oil vane pumps, are affordable and robust pumps, ideal for medium vacuum applications like roughing. Because these pumps require the use of oil, it can limit their applications, or require more precautions during operation. Diaphragm pumps, as well as dry scroll pumps, do not require any oil for their operation, this makes them much more resistant to chemicals and solvents. 

Popular applications

Vacuum pumps are essential in every cannabis processing laboratory. Vacuum assisted filtration requires a pump. Vacuum ovens also require a vacuum pump. Additionally, vacuum distillation processes such as rotary evaporators, short path distillation, and thin film distillation cannot operate without vacuum. Other processes can include decarboxylation, isomerization, and chromatography. Vacuum pumps are also essential for creating vacuum jackets on reactors, and vessels. Pumps can also play a role in the movement of gases and the emptying of tanks.

Don’t forget the Accessories

Cold traps can be essential for the safe operation of vacuum pumps. In cannabis extraction, cold traps ensure no gaseous vapors reach the vacuum pump or are exhausted into the laboratory. When dealing with volatile solvents this is crucial for operator safety, as well as vacuum pump safety. Cold traps are also essential for condensing and capturing any valuable terpenes that may have escaped during the off-gassing and decarb processes. Click here to view our selection of dry ice and mechanical cold traps

Vacuum gauges and controllers are also crucial accessories. While the vacuum pump is the key component, it is not very effective without accurate pressure readings and vacuum control. This can take the form of simple pressure reading devices, or advanced control units that regulate vacuum depth and flow.

All vacuum pumps are intended for lawful purposes only.