Ai WaterVac 1.8 CFM 5-Head Recirculating Water Vacuum Pump

The new Ai WaterVac 1.8 cfm is an oil-free, chemical resistant, 5-head recirculating water pump, with simplified maintenance, and no frequent and costly oil changes. All major parts are made of PTFE, making these economical vacuum pumps perfect for tough lab applications.

Features and Benefits

    • Long life, corrosion resistant, reliable
    • All major valves and parts made of PTFE
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Chemically resistant
    • No oil changes and no cold trap required for water/alcohol solutions
    • Virtually maintenance-free solution for laboratory environment
    • Smaller footprint than oil pump saves lab space
    • Designed to work with rotary evaporators

Includes 3′ of 3/8″ premium food grade silicone vacuum tubing (a $19.99 value) free with purchase.

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