E10 Elite Series 1 Cu Ft Vacuum Oven

Ai Vac Ovens

The E10 1.0 cu ft. is the first in our Elite Series of vacuum ovens. It features our new 5-side chamber jacket heating system, 4 removable aluminum shelves, and a heavy-duty steel construction for exceptional durability

Elite Series Features

The Elite Series E10 comes equipped with the most important features and functions needed to properly purge BHO and other material solvents.

New 5-Side Chamber Jacket Heating

The heating jacket covers the left, right, up, down and backside of the oven chamber providing perfect temperature uniformity, accuracy, and rapid fast heating rates.


In addition to our in-shelf heating, the low proportional gain temperature controller keeps your oven’s temperature within +/- 1°C accuracy while in use.


Optimal Vacuum Level

Our ovens greatly reduce drying time of your extracts by maintaining a deep, consistent vacuum level within the chamber – making them the best choice for curing and converting oil extracts.

Increased Productivity, Quality, and Consistency

Our ovens produce deep vacuum level that allow them to operate at the optimal temperature for allowing the purging process to occur rapidly. The result is an increase in the consistent output of superior quality extracts with a minimal processing time.

Dimensions Oven Chamber = 11.8″W x 11.8″D x 11.8″H; Unit = 22″W x 20″D x 30.5″H
Interior Stainless steel.
Safety Features Over temperature protection dial and safety switch.
Shelves 4 removable aluminum shelves.
Temp Control Digital temperature controller.
Quality Control All vacuum ovens undergo a 24hr vacuum leak test twice and are 100% quality controlled at either our New Jersey or Nevada facility before shipment.


All vacuum ovens are intended for lawful purposes only.

Attention – Before Initial Use: Run oven at 400°F without vacuum for a total of 15 minutes to burn off any residue that may have been introduced during the manufacturing process.