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Importance Of Batch Reactor in Pharmaceutical Industry

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We need extraordinary control to systematically convert reactants into products during such chemical reactions. Such a control piece of equipment is called reactor.

Therefore, selecting the type of reactor for a specific product depends on the expected outcome of the reaction mass.Also, operating conditions like pressure, temperature, and mixing speeds become crucial to have efficient process runs.

Based on this, reactors are selected from the following different types.

  • Batch (Batch and Semi-batch)
  • Continuous (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor)
  • Tubular (Plug Flow Reactor)
  • Catalytic (Fixed and Fluidized Bed)

Used In Specialized Reaction Processes

One of the main applications of batch reactors in the pharmaceutical industry these days has to do with specialized reaction processes. These reactions are often an essential component of the operational model of many companies in the sector. The great thing about many new batch reactor models is the ability in which they can finish these reactions in a quick and reliable fashion. Before, many processes involving complex reactions were bound to see a degree of uncertainty and failure. However, thanks to recent innovations, the rate of failure seen in these operations is dropping dramatically.

Create Completely New Operational Processes

In light of the improvement in efficiency metrics seen through newer batch reactors, more and more companies are starting to use the machine to create completely new operational processes. Many of these businesses see the stark improvement in the efficiency of these reactors as the perfect opportunity to try new methods and processes in search of something more profitable. Currently, a significant proportion of these companies have seen success in formulating new reaction processes within their factories and other properties. Hence, batch reactors are starting to see new applications that were once thought of as impossible thanks to recent upgrades in functionality and performance.

Reduce Production Cost

Although the process of improving efficiency and creating new reaction processes is interesting, another useful application of batch reactors is cost reduction. Plenty of obsolete machinery in usage throughout the sector have led to very high expenses and operating costs for many businesses. Hence, companies looking to clamp down on their operating expenses are considering acquiring newer and cheaper assets such as batch reactors. Companies in the past have already seen great results from switching to newer strategic assets for their revenue-generating processes. Hence, a great application of these machines is for the purpose of reducing costs and reducing the drain on the income statement.

Pharmaceutical Classification

In life-science applications, reactor types are based on the material of construction and process of interest specifically;

Stainless Steel Reactors (SSR)

Glass Lined Reactors (GLR)

The application and selection of these types of reactors depend on the scope of the process. For any chemical process, there are three natures:

NaturepHAppropriate Type
Acidic<7 Glass Lined Reactors (GLR)
Alkaline>7Stainless Steel Reactors (SSR)
Neutral=7Stainless Steel Reactors (SSR)

Stainless Steel Reactors (SSR)

Stainless Steel Reactors are extremely versatile in their applications and crucial to sectors such as research and process chemistry, botanical extraction and purification, pharmaceutical production, aerospace and semiconductor, material processing and more. Across International offers 316L stainless steel reactors in 100, 200, and 300L models, as well as in 100 and 200L filter reactor configurations

Glass Reactors are extremely versatile in their applications and crucial to sectors such as pharmaceutical production, research and process chemistry, botanical extraction, and purification, as well as various food, and industrial, processes. Across International offers reaction vessels in both glass and stainless steel, ranging from 10 liters to 200 liters.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities of our glass reactors and stainless-steel reactors and revolutionize your industrial processes.

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