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2016 Chalice Festival Wrap Up

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Latest News

Across International is proud to have been one of the main sponsors at Chalice Cup in Victorville, CA this past weekend. We joined forces with Buchi & Edwards to create the ultimate co-sponsored extraction processing packages for two lucky Chalice Cup attendees.

The grand prize, awarded to the winner of the overall best solvent entry, contained an Ai Elite 1.0 cu ft vacuum oven and an Edwards nXDS6iC, worth over $8,500! This awesome package was proudly awarded to Exclusive Melts. Not only did they win the overall best extraction category, but they also won 1st place in the sativa category. While Exlusive Melts is relatively new in the industry, they are certainly up and coming! A strong contender with great genetics, their winning entry was Exclusive OG – run in the Ai AccuTemp 3.2 cu ft vacuum oven with a PX1 extractor from Precision Extractions.

The second prize was a raffle, which featured an Ai Elite 1.0 cu ft vacuum oven, paired with a Buchi V-300 diaphragm pump, worth over $6,000! This sweet set up was awarded Sunday night on the main stage, using a live random number generator. The contest was open to anyone who wanted to sign up at our booth during the show, and the lucky winner was Arely!

There were a number of #AiFam Chalice Cup winner present this weekend as well. We’d like to extend our congratulations to:

  • Highest THC Content & CBD Content – Guild Extracts, who also took home an Edwards nXDS10iC that weekend.
  • 1st place Sativa – Weed.Rar with Clementine, processed in their Ai AccuTemp 7.5 cu ft 5-zone vacuum oven.
  • 2nd place Sativa – Old School Extracts with Apple Jaxx PHO Shatter. They are long time #AIFam members, using AccuTemp 1.9 cu ft ovens.
  • 3rd place Edible – Mary Jane Juice CoBad Wizard Concentrates with Grape Aid.
  • 2nd place best topical – Calvin & Globz with their Cocoa & Shea Medicated Body Butter.

Eljay, grow expert of Advanced Nutrients Official and Big Buds Magazine, came over for an interview with Across International to learn how the flowers that are grown with their nutrients make the award winning extractions coming out of Across International equipment. We were happy to discuss anything and everything about ethanol, hydrocarbon, CO2, solventless, and distillation extraction, and the best equipment choices available from Across International.

We saw quite a good number of #AiFam members at our booths. Some of the many familiar faces included:

  • Award-winning UnregistrdExtractsX2, that has won previous High Times Cups, Secret Cups, and 805OilersFests. They got to meet Purge Man, and went home with two AccuTemp 1.9 cu ft vacuum ovens!
  • 23Oils, proud operator of the cannabis club association in Spain, CSC Greenardo. They traveled with Across International distributor, Excalibur Distribuciones, all the way from Spain for Chalice to see our new equipment, such as the T40 cold trap.
  • Sarah Sunday of The Karma Cup, had nothing but flattering things to say about Chalice’s organization, along with the co-sponsored Across Interational Buchi and Edwards give-away, and was happy to meet Purge Man!
  • Enjoyable Edibles swooped an Across International 10L RotoVap, -30ºC 17L Chiller, and 2052 oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump for processing 1000mg Blackout Brownies, among other delectable edible flavors.
  • Chris Beaver with Beaver Oil also stopped by and took home a 20L Jacketed Glass Reactor and -30ºC 17L Chiller for their lab.

Our team had the pleasure of also meeting The Real Boston George, who spoke openly about comparing the drug wars of yesteryear with the cures resulting from cannabis research and science today. His compelling discussions perfectly emphasized the importance of thoroughly investigating the medical benefits of cannabis in a fair and unbiased approach.

At our booth, we displayed our Buchi and SolventVap units, alongside Terpp Extractors. Chalice Festival was a wonderfully organized music, glass, hash, and art festival celebrated by cannabis industry professionals, enthusiasts, artists and other event-organizers alike, including Daniel “Big D” Desailles of Top Shelf Extracts, and organizer of the Secret Cup. We were glad to play such a big role in the sponsorship of Chalice, and we look forward to the continued success of the event for years to come!

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