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AI Authorized Distributor: Purge Labs

by | Dec 30, 2015 | AI Fam

Purge Labs LogoPurge Labs are a well known producer of high-quality and affordable closed-loop extraction systems (CLES) located in the Bay Area of California.

Their award winning closed-loop extractors are designed by a dedicated group of engineers and advisors specifically to upgrade efficiency, expand yields, and ultimately increase overall profits for extraction industry professionals.

Their CLES are safe, affordable, and accessible for everyone making them highly sought after in the extractions industry.

They have also won the 1st place award for Best Product at Cannafest 2015 in Prague.

Purge Labs Stocks AI Vac Ovens, Pumps, and More

In addition to their closed-loop systems, Purge Labs also keeps a nice stock of Across International vacuum ovens, vacuum pumps, rotovaps, and more. If you are in the Bay Area, be sure to check out their showroom located In Benecia, CA.

Purge Labs Modular Laboratory and Vacuum Oven Room

Need help making a lab? Purge Labs can help out with their self-contained extraction facilities.

Their “Laboratory Fabrication Division” offers Modular Laboratory and Vacuum Oven Rooms that are compliant, safe, customizable, and meet or exceed the requirements for state and industry compliance.

The rooms also offer a variety of configuration and upgrade options that allow clients to have detailed control, and clear standard operating procedures of their own room.

Extraction Facility Business Development

Purge Labs also offer a variety of business-to-business services in addition to their laboratory rooms. The current list of services listed on their website are:

    • Licenses/Permitting
    • Compliance
    • Facility
    • Extraction Equipment
    • Laboratory Rooms
    • Oven Rooms
    • Certification
    • Delivery/Installation

More Information

Visit the Purge Labs official website with any inquiries about their products or services, and don’t forget to connect with them on Instagram and Facebook to get all of their most current updates.

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