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Head extraction artist Rogue Raven Farms Johannesnw

AI Vac Ovens User Profile: Johannesnw and Rogue Raven Farms

by | Oct 5, 2015 | AI Fam, Vacuum Ovens, Vacuum Pumps

Johannesnw inside the AI Elite 7.6

Johannesnw is a well known extraction artist in the industry and lead extractor/processor at Rogue Raven Farms – a Washington-State approve i502 Tier 3 Producer  company that produces a variety of premium cannabis products.  He has been a supporter of Across International equipment to ensure high quality concentrates. Utilizing our vacuum ovens he has developed a distinct honeycomb consistency.

About Rogue Raven Farms

Rogue Raven Farms logoRogue Raven Farms is based in Shelton, Washington and carry a wide variety of premium cannabis products including premium flower (buds), top-shelf marijuana concentrates, their own line of signature products, and more.

Their line of cannabis products are currently sold across retailers in Washington, and you can locate a retailer nearest you at their listing of  i-502 retail partners.

Johannes and Rogue Raven Farms rely on AI vacuum ovens and pumps for all their purging needs, and we’re proud to have them as part of the AIFam. 🙂


If you’d  like to learn more information about Rogue Raven Farms and their product availability, be sure to check out their website, Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks to Johannesnw and Rogue Raven Farms for all their support.

Keep up the awesome work guys!

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