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How to Avoid Bottlenecks: Filtering Essential Oils

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Latest News

Eliminate bottlenecks in your oil extraction filtration process.

If you are outputting high volumes of extracted essential oils, be sure to match it with a filtration system that can keep up. Tired of using Buchner funnels to pass small amounts of product through the same slow drip process? Consider adding a DrainDroyd to your already hard working team.

This Infinity product, manufactured by United Science, is ideal for the large scale dewaxing of cannabis extractions.

Effortlessly eliminate hours and hours of costly labor! The DrainDroyd reduces the number of steps needed for extraction by incorporating decolorization using hydrophobic or hydrophilic sorbents to remove pigments, leading to less labor and better quality extracts. It also prevents batch contamination via containment.

When you add up the saved labor and production time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it before. Check out this fantastic product, available on our website!

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