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Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo – NYC 2017

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Latest News

We recently attended the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo (CWCB), which took place in New York City in mid June. What a show! There were so many knowledgeable key note speakers at the convention, along with countless businesses, investors, and organizations.

On our travels throughout the convention, we got to see a CBD pen that dispenses small doses from a non-leaking container and CBD dog treats, which many people were interested in giving to their pets. Some other highlights included new vaporizing pens emerging onto the market, cartridge dispensing machines for disposable pens, and a live radio talk show happening during the show.

We also had the opportunity to meet with some of our existing customers that were exhibiting. We are glad that we could talk with them in person, as they had many positive things to say about our equipment and continue to be extremely satisfied with their purchases from us. Here at Ai Vacuum, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our brand is the most trusted in the industry. It looks like we are on the right track! 😉

Friday’s lecture on “Cannabis in Mainstream America (presented by Dasheeda Dawson & Lewis Goldberg), was nothing short of brilliant. The presentation highlighted many important factors for businesses to consider, such as the importance of word choice. This topic became a very heated topic for debate during the presentation. A few people in the audience shared their personal experiences with the stigma of something as simple as word choice –namely, whether or not professionals should refer to the plant strictly as “cannabis”, or if it is acceptable to use slang, such as “weed”, “bud”, etc. Despite the topic becoming a strong area of contention, the underlying take-home message was simple: It is important for businesses in the industry to be as all-inclusive as possible.

There was also a CBD panel, which highlighted many industry concerns that are often “swept under the rug”, so to speak. The discussion touched upon some of the very real concerns that the CBD market faces today. Some of these problems include child labor in foreign countries, largely caused by sustainability problems with farming hemp for CBD. There is a need to create a transparent system within the CBD industry. Before investing in a CBD company, it is important to do sufficient research and be able to address four key factors: 1. Where the hemp is being grown, 2. Where it’s being processed, 3. Lab report results, and 4. Understand the supply chain. The bottom line is this: the CBD/Hemp industry lacks standardization, but there is potential for the USDA to become involved with hemp regulations in the future.

It’s also important to consider the significance of the extraction market. There was an impressive lecture at the CWCB that discussed the emergence of  cannabis products such as vape pen cartridges, dabs, edibles (medically infused products), and capsules. This market is rapidly evolving, and Ai Vacuum continues to serve this industry with the most trusted short path distillation, rotary evaporator, jacketed reactor, and vacuum oven equipment on the market. We look forward to meeting and exceeding the constantly changing demands within the cannabis industry.

Look for our booth at upcoming CWCB events this year: Los Angeles (September 13 – 15) & Boston (October 4 – 6). We’d like to thank everyone who visited our booth in New York and discussed their processing needs with us. It was a great show, made even better by great attendees! 🙂

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