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Chalice California 2015

Chalice California 2015 Wrap Up

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Cannabis Events

Our crew from Sparks, NV was excited to take a road trip with the Across International box truck down to the National Orange Show (NOS) Events Center in San Bernardino, CA for this year’s Chalice California event.

About Chalice California

Chalice California is a medical marijuana event that celebrates music, art, and of course – cannabis. What sets the Chalice event apart from other cannabis events is its unique focus on much of the artistic side of the cannabis industry such as glass art and music.

Chalice also places a heavy emphasis on hash rather than just marijuana in general. This is how the official Chalice California website describes their event:

Chalice was born out of the dream to combine the best elements of festivals and cannabis events into one epic experience. We’re motivated by the high level of glass art being created in America right now. We wish to promote respect for the hash oil extractors that put in time to create safer methods, spread knowledge and fine tune every detail to produce the best hashish. Also we are proud to be working with the top brands in the industry, bringing quality vendors and developing an experience to make this a genuine music, glass, hash & art festival.

source: http://www.chalicecalifornia.com/about-2/

Chalice 2015 Highlights

Our booth was setup right next to the main stage which gave us an awesome opportunity to meet many of our current AI Fam plus make many new friends as well. We’d like to send a big thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth to show us their support.

You guys are the best! 🙂

Chalice California was a great experience, and we definitely recommend you go to the next one (especially if you like art, music, and hash). Check out their website for more information on past and upcoming Chalice events.

Stay Tuned!
across international truck

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