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FAQ Session 3: The Best Vacuum Pump for BHO

by | Jun 16, 2015 | FAQ

bho vacuum pumps

How to Select the Perfect Vacuum Pump

Choosing the right vacuum pump for bho is an important task that can seem daunting. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of helpful questions and tips that can help you decide on the best pump for your needs. 

Vacuum Pump FAQs:

1. What Size is Your Oven?

The size of your pump should correspond with the size of your oven. The best way to choose a vacuum pump is to ensure its CFM rating is between 1 and 1.5 times the volume of your oven. 

2. What’s Your Desired Vacuum Level?

When it comes to making cannabis extracts, 1 Torr of vacuum is ideal. That’s because cannabinoids (like Delta-9-THC) and terpenes purge off below 1 Torr. 

3. How Quickly Do You Want To Achieve Your Optimal Vacuum Level?

The speed at which your vacuum pump produces the desired purging pressure depends on your pump’s CFM rating. The higher the rating, the faster it will bring your vacuum oven to optimal purging pressure. 

4. Are you looking for a rotary vane (oil) pump or an oil free one? 

There are two types of vacuum ovens commonly used in the cannabis industry– rotary vane oil pumps and oil-free pumps. Rotary vane pumps are highly popular, because they’re inexpensive, efficient, and get the job done quickly. 

However, they present a couple of concerns:

Wear and Tear
Solvents like butane and propane can break down the oil inside the vacuum pump, causing premature wear and tear.

Another important concern about using oil pumps to make cannabis extractions is contamination. Because such pumps emit a little oil vapor as they run, there’s a risk of contaminating your working environment or even your product. Oil back-flow is another way contamination might occur.

What’s the solution? Use a cold trap. Our cold trap protects your equipment, reduces maintenance costs, and prevents contamination, all at once.

Vacuum Pump Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your vacuum pump is vital for proper functioning and longevity. Below are some tips that will extend the life of your pump and keep it running at optimal performance:

  • Always warm it up. Let the pump run for a few minutes before beginning the purging process.
  • Warm down your pump too, after each use. After purging, close the vacuum valve on your oven and let the vacuum pump idle for 30 minutes or so. This helps the pump push out any leftover residue collected inside during the extraction process. If you don’t properly warm down your pump, the residue caught inside can solidify and cause problems.
  • Don’t turn your pump on and off while purging. Though a common practice thought to prevent wear and tear, it actually causes more wear, shortening the pump’s life.
  • Invest in a cold trap. This is the ideal all-in-one solution to protect your vacuum oven, pump, and the extract produced, while boosting your equipment’s performance.

Have a question not covered here? Ask in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to answer it.

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