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vacuum oven, accutemp vs elite

Vacuum Ovens: Ai’s Starter Guide to Choosing

by | Nov 3, 2016 | FAQ, Latest News, Vacuum Ovens

Choosing the proper vacuum oven can feel like an intimidating decision, but Ai is here to help you make the most informed decision! Whether your lab is in the building phase, or is already up and running, Ai has the answers to all of your most commonly asked questions. Let’s get right to it!

vacuum oven, accutemp vs elite

AccuTemp or Elite?
The first step is to determine which type of vacuum oven will be the most suitable. Some factors that you may want to consider include budget, space requirements, performance, and energy efficiency. Each style of vacuum oven provides its own unique benefits.

Desktop AccuTemp vacuum ovens are suitable for small scale production and provide heat from 5 sides (top, bottom, left, right, and back). They are also useful for holding large sample containers (glassware, etc). Zone controlled AccuTemp vacuum ovens are often used for processing different strains, due to their individually heated shelves. This also allows for the simultaneous production of different textured extractions, such as shatter, crumble, and waxes.

Elite vacuum ovens are preferential for processing batches of identical product, especially on a large scale level. Like the desktop series AccuTemps, the Elites also feature removable shelves that allow extra room for expandable material under vacuum. The key difference with the Elite is the method in which it heats. Elites utilize a jacketed heating system that delivers the industry best temperature uniformity, within 3% accuracy throughout the entire chamber.

vacuum oven, accutemp vs elite comparison by performance

Removable Shelves vs Zone Control
There may be times during the extraction process where there is a requirement for additional space. The smaller desktop AccuTemps and all sizes of Elite vacuum ovens are fantastic at providing that extra necessary vertical space, as their shelves are easily removable. The larger zone controlled ovens have plenty of space between shelves, but it is recommended to always measure your containers to make sure they will fit prior to making a final decision, because the zone controlled shelves are not able to be removed.

thc distillate across international vacuum ovenDistillate being transferred in an Ai Elite 4.4 cu ft vacuum oven.

muffins baking in the AccutempExpansion of material under vacuum in an Ai AccuTemp 1.9 cu ft vacuum oven.

Heat Source is Important
Always consider the source of your vacuum oven’s heat. AccuTemp desktop ovens heat from 5 sides of the chamber using the latest in pad heating technology. The larger zone controlled AccuTemp vacuum ovens heat directly from the shelf, distributing even heat beneath the product. Elite ovens utilize a jacketed heating system, which circulates warm air between the walls of the chamber and provides the industry’s best chamber uniformity. Each type of heating has its own benefits and can help produce different results.

Did we miss something?
Of course, there is more to choosing a vacuum oven than just the unit itself. In another installment, we will discuss vacuum pump selection, the benefits of using a cold trap, and other important considerations. Feel free to leave us a comment below, or contact us directly for more information. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and can also provide formal quotes.

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook for additional information and resources. We are very active on social media, and will be glad to answer your questions. We hope you’ve found this information to be both useful and insightful. Thanks for reading!

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