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What Happens in a Vacuum Oven: DIY Slime

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Latest News, Vacuum Ovens, Vacuum Pumps

We’re back from Thanksgiving break with a new vacuum oven experiment. Last week, we tested what happens to homemade “DIY” slime under vacuum. Did it expand? Find out!

Test #3: Blue slime under vacuum


The clear glue in our slime is a polymer (a large chain of molecules). When baking soda is added, it changes the structure of the chain and acts as a thickening agent. The mixture instantly becomes thicker or more viscous.

The slime has small bubbles of air trapped inside. These bubbles are at atmospheric pressure. When the air inside the chamber is sucked out, the pressure is greatly reduced. The air bubbles inside the slime are therefore at a much higher pressure than the air surrounding the slime, so those bubbles push outwards, causing the slime to expand.

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