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The Hemp & Cannabis Fair – Reno, NV

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Latest News

We attended the 2017 Hemp and Cannabis Fair (THC Fair), which took place in our home territory of Reno, NV this month. We were excited to have the opportunity to exhibit so close to home! With legalization now passed in Nevada, we couldn’t be more pleased to see new shows emerging. There were many excellent informational presentations on growing, harvesting, medicinal uses, legislation, and more.

While this was one of the smaller scale cannabis shows that AI Vacuum has attended this year, our booth drew a lot of interest from attendees. Folks were very interested in our short path distillation systems, jacketed glass reactors, vacuum ovens, and rotary evaporators in particular. A lot of attendees also expressed interest in visiting our incredible showroom display at our Sparks, NV office.

We would like to thank the THC Fair and all of the attendees who helped make this such a great local show! We look forward to participating again in the future. 🙂

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