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yes on 1 maine legalization of mmj

Legalization in Maine Supported by Medical Professionals

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Latest News

yes on 1 maine legalization of mmj

Five states are preparing to vote on the legalization of recreational cannabis. Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada are about to make history, and many medical professionals are planning to “vote yes”.

Many east coast patients have begun to openly discuss the public letter that Dr. Carey S. Clark sent out last month for the Yes on 1 Campaign, expressing her support for Maine’s cannabis legalization initiative. Not surprisingly, she received a lot of supportive responses. However, there was plenty of criticism as well. One nurse went so far as to tell her, “This is horrible that you’re supporting pot and you should be doing something else with your Ph.D. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Others questioned her professional integrity as a result of her support for legalization.

It’s worthwhile to mention that Dr. Clark is a registered nurse, researcher, and associate professor of nursing at the University of Maine. She responded tactfully and with kindness to her critics, encouraging them to further explore the issue at hand.

Clark has been advocating for the cannabis industry for about two years, and first became interested in the cannabis movement years ago while residing in California. She moved to Maine to start a holistic-integral nursing program and soon after, joined the American Cannabis Nurses Association. A major concern, Clark cites, is the large amounts of misinformation and fear that is still present in Maine. With the promise of taxation, regulation, and legalization on the horizon, many voters are hoping that this will be enough political motivation to advocate on behalf of Maine’s patients, as well as the plant.

If people have the option of going to a recreational store, where there will be labels on cannabis products,  they will know exactly what they’re consuming. It empowers them to make informed buying decisions. It’s time for cannabis to move in a more progressive direction. People are already self-medicating with cannabis, but the hope is to enable those who are suffering to perhaps heal themselves with something far safer than opiates.

At a time when legalization is on the rise, it is important that processing labs and facilities consider running material with the best equipment on the market. Our award winning vacuum ovens, rotary evaporators, and rosin presses deliver consistently clean, reliable results. Ai Vacuum has all of the necessary equipment to produce safe, clean medicine for patients seeking a holistic approach. We have everything necessary to produce safe, top shelf botanical extractions.

“Legalization alone won’t end the stigma around cannabis. We need to come together to advocate for this plant, our planet, and the populations in need of healing.”

Remember, the change that you want to see won’t happen, unless you get out there and vote! 😉

This information was originally published on Leafly.

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