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AI Rotovaps for Solvent Recovery Fractional Distillation

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Accessories, AI Fam, Rotary Evaporators

The mission for making cleaner, more effective medicine for medical marijuana patients continues to gain more popularity in the extracts industry and is being led by industry leaders like X-Tracted Labs.

Check out X-tracted whippin’ up a fresh batch in their Rotovap system. Looks delicious!


We are also proud to play our part by continually innovating new vacuum technologies that are built for making the highest quality cannabis extractions possible.

What are common uses for the Rotovap?

A.Removal of volatile solvents & materials.

How is this used in the extraction industry?

A.Removal of alcohol, water, fractional distillation.

What fluids other than alcohol are used?

A.Water, dimethyl ether, & other liquid phase volatile solvents or valuable off gassing.

What is the benefit to the customer?

A.Functional solution recycling solvent & valuable off gassed material  & carefully controlling valuable processed material.

Benefits of the Rotovap vs. Cold trap?

A.Rotovap offers much closer control of evaporation of liquid phase materials due to smaller volume thus finer vacuum control.

B.HOWEVER, vacuum oven’s deeper vacuum capabilities allow material to be degassed & recollected at lower temperatures

Do I need a vacuum pump?

Yes, but not just any vacuum pump. We recommend a diaphragm pump that is under a 7CMF rate because you do not want to pull a deep vacuum with rotary evaporation. This will cause you to boil your end product. We recommend using either the Welch 2042 1.2CFM or 2052 2.3CFM vacuum pump.

Other than a pump what else can be used with this unit?

A.Active chillers (with coolants such as alcohol, antifreeze or water, preferred in that order.

B.Cold traps are optional for protection of pump and further recovery of alcohol.

Do I need a cooling system with my rotovap?

Yes, you will need a cooling liquid source when using rotary evaporation. Our new recirculating chillers are a perfect addition to our rotary evaporators. They completely eliminate water consumption and the extra costs associated with it. They are also built to be used right out of the box; plug it in and you are ready to go.

AI Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators are the perfect solution for anyone looking to make cleaner more potent medicine for patients. They are most commonly used for making alcohol-based extractions and also as an additional refining step in making Butane Hash Oil (BHO).

Our new SolventVap rotary evaporators are built for making clean, clear concentrates, and we offer 4 different sizes that match any lab’s production needs or budget.  If you have any questions or comments about our rotary evaporators and their usage, leave us  a comment below, link up with us on Instagram and Facebook, or call 888-988-0899 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.

AI 0.5 gallon SolventVap Rotary Evaporator

AI SolventVap 0.5 gallon Rotary Evaporator

AI SolventVap 1.3 Gallon Rotary Evaporator
AI SolventVap 1.3 gallon Rotary Evaporator

AI SolventVap 5.3 Gallon Rotary Evaporator
AI SolventVap 5.3 gallon Rotary Evaporator

AI SolventVap 13 Gallon Rotary Evaporator
AI SolventVap 13 gallon Rotary Evaporator

More Information About Rotary Evaporation

Here are a couple of useful videos that explain the rotary evaporation process in detail and how rotary evaporation applies to making cannabis extractions.

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