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MJ Business Conference & Expo 2016 – Recap

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Latest News

The Ai sales team recently traveled to Las Vegas to showcase the latest and greatest extraction equipment at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo. This sold out conference focused primarily upon the business aspects of the cannabis industry. It’s clear that the cannabis market is gaining more exposure every day. The excitement about Nevada’s recreational legalization was apparent, as many were eager to discuss their plans for the future.

Attendees expressed keen awareness and a high regard for social issues associated with the cannabis movement, including legal reform, social injustices, and a responsibility to our environment. Many panels highlighted the latest sales trends for the marijuana market. It also drew attention to some of the legal barriers that many start-up companies are currently facing. The wealth of information from these panels were invaluable.

On Wednesday, we found ourselves fully immersed in the show and all it had to offer. Our Ai extraction equipment drew quite a crowd of interested folks from all over the world. We featured our new short path distillation systems, rosin presses, vacuum ovens, and rotary evaporators –just to name a few! It was fantastic to be able to speak with so many talented extraction artists and key decision makers.

We even had the unique opportunity to speak with local fire officials and were more than happy to answer many of their toughest questions regarding the safety of cannabis extractions. This was an excellent time to educate and explain how much safer ethanol is than hydrocarbon extracts. Many in the extraction industry regard the heavy regulation of rotary evaporators for use with ethanol to be excessive. By providing factual information to the CCFD, we hope to see some leniency with certain regulations and certification requirements.

The fall 2016 Marijuana Business Conference & Expo provided valuable information from a variety of panels and key note speakers. There was so much great content crammed into a single weekend! This is why we are excited to attend their upcoming shows. Thank you to all of our friends and business partners who took the time to meet with us. Also, a special thank you to all of the new faces we met at the show. We look forward to continuing to serving the cannabis extraction community. 🙂

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