Natures Concentrates 2016 Errl Cup 1st Place Best CBD and Sativa Winners

Nature’s Concentrates Wins 1st Place At The 2016 Errl Cup Arizona

by | Jan 15, 2016 | AI Fam

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We’d like to send a big congratulations to AI Fam Nature’s Concentrates for winning not one but two 1st place awards at the 2016 Errl Cup in Arizona!

The Nature’s Concentrates team took home 1st place for Best CBD and 1st place for Best Sativa.

About Nature’s Concentrates

Nature’s Concentrates is the Head of Extracts at Nature’s AZ Medicines green houses and are serious Across International power users.

They use AI vac ovens, vacuum pumps, and rotary evaporators in their lab to produce their popular brand of concentrates.

Nature’s AZ Medicines

Nature’s AZ Medicines is a Licensed Non-Profit Dispensary in Phoenix, AZ. They are dedicated to providing the Phoenix MMJ patient community with high quality, tested medicines from knowledgeable and highly professional patient service providers.

Natures Concentrates 2016 Errl Cup 1st Place Best CBD and Sativa WinnersThey currently have 2 locations serving the Arizona state, one in Central Phoenix and one in Fountain Hills.
Visit their website for more information on their dispensaries, products, and more.

More Information

Be sure to check out Nature’s Concentrates on Instagram for some awesome pics of their concentrates, more information on their products, and product availability.

Props on all the hard work, and congratulations on the big win guys! 🙂

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