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Revisit With AI Authorized Distributor Downtown Hydroponics

by | Dec 15, 2015 | AI Fam

Downtown Hydroponics logoIt’s been a little while since we had a chance to check in with AIFam, Downtown Hydroponics in Los Angeles, so we were excited to finally see their latest updates.

In case you missed our last post or this is your first time hearing of them, Downtown Hydroponics is Los Angeles’s epicenter for the latest and best in hydroponics equipment.

They carry a large variety of products in their store ranging from grow equipment (lights, nutrients, and climate control equipment, etc.) to even extraction equipment (vacuum ovens, vacuum pumps, rotary evaporators, and extractors, etc.).

They are also the best place in the Los Angeles area to get the latest vacuum purge equipment from Across International.

DT Hydro always does their best to keep the our latest vac ovens, pumps, and more in stock in their store. They now carry our rotary evaporators, cold traps, and newest vacuum oven – the Accutemp 16 cu ft vac oven

The DT Hydro staff unboxing a freshly-delivered Elite Series 7.6 cu ft svac oven


Unboxing the latest Accutemp 16 cu.ft. vac oven at the Downtown Hydro warehouse


More Information:
It’s the holiday season, so you make sure you connect with Downtown Hydroponics on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all of their latest product and store announcements.

You can also contact them directly at their website for any inquiries as well.

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