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How Spannabis Impacts Medical Science in Spain

by | Apr 20, 2018 | AI Fam, Cannabis Events, Rotary Evaporators, Short Path

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Spannabis is celebrated as Europe’s largest cannabis event. The annual show is held in breathtaking Barcelona, Spain. Thousands of people gather for this three-day show, where attendees can learn about cannabis science, regulations, cultivation, medicine, and many other aspects driving the cannabis industry.

We performed a live short path fractional distillation demonstration in our booth (using café con leche) Saturday afternoon. The demonstration was standing room only as hundreds of people crowded the booth for a better view. UnderGrow TV provided extensive coverage of our live distillation demonstration. They also did follow-up interview with us and Feisal of Oil Hunters 710.

Our sales team provided expert knowledge about the science behind short path distillation, how it is used to purify batches of cannabis extract, and what tools are required for a proper set up. We were proud to bring our experience to Spain and enjoyed speaking to attendees from all over the world.

The exchange of information and ideas is critical in order to further scientific cannabis research and refine the techniques used to produce healthy medicine for patients in need. Spannabis acts as a catalyst for all of these great ideas to come together in one place.

Pictures from our live demonstration: [envira-gallery id=”5658″]

Spannabis Champions Cup: Award winning recognition

This year’s Spannabis Champions Cup Excellence featured the following winners using Ai equipment. Our congratulations goes to:
• Team 10 Extracts – 2nd place for best solvent extract (ºZ Cube Sauce)
• Best new product – Les Quarte Vins from Sublimator (Cannabis terpene infused sparkling wine without cannabinoids)

The rise of cannabis clubs in Spain

Although selling and importing cannabis is illegal in Spain, it was decriminalized for personal cultivation and use in 2015. By navigating through the legal gray areas in Spanish legislation, cannabis clubs have become a popular way for enthusiasts to obtain and use cannabis within a (technically legal) private collective.

An estimated 500 private cannabis clubs exist in Spain, 200 of which are located in Barcelona. Spain is often referred to as the “new Amsterdam,” as clubs have become a welcoming destination for tourists seeking access to cannabis.

Our very own #AiFam Fiesal of Oil Hunters 710 won Dabadoo’s coveted award for best solvent extraction. Their winning entry was a live resin made with Across International’s AccuTemp 1.9 cu ft vacuum oven and an Edwards nXDS10iC vacuum pump. Following this great achievement, Oil Hunters 710 held a party release for their CBD and THCA crystals and distillate vape pens, which were all made with our Ai Clear 2L short path.

At a separate event, PotTV Cannabis Culture held interview with ADICB. We provided a live translation from Spanish to English on PotTV’s live channel, in addition to having the opportunity to promote our booth at Spannabis. We later received further coverage from PotTV Cannabis Culture during the show the day after, and would like to thank them for the opportunity to share our technology with the world.

We would like to thank all of our business partners, friends, and #AiFam for making Spannabis a memorable experience. We look forward to seeing the industry continue to develop in positive ways!

[envira-gallery id=”5690″] Marked photographs are courtesy of VanHazeing Photography.

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