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A Summation of the 2016 Vancouver 420 Festival

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Cannabis Events, Latest News

Canada’s big 420 celebration has been going strong in Vancouver since 1995. It started out modestly, with only a few dozen people peacefully enjoying cannabis and listening to music in Victory Square Park. As the yearly festival continued to expand and gain notoriety over the years, it gradually evolved into what it has become today: an all-day event approaching over a thousand attendees, located along the beautiful shores of Sunset Beach. This historic day in Vancouver has transformed into part peaceful protest, part celebration, and part marijuana farmer’s market, with a common hope to one day end cannabis prohibition, once and for all.

Our team traveled to the big 420 celebration this year to see what all the talk was about, and we were not disappointed! We encountered many happy festival-goers, many of them selling edibles, dabbing, and consuming responsibly throughout the day.  Festivities included a great concert with guest speakers in between, and many artists discussing practical ways to help make cannabis legal. Many people recognized Across International at the festival, especially after Remo, the urban grower, created a video featuring our brand. AiFam, Sublimator, was also present at the 420 festival. They sell among the most advanced inhaled medicating devices available, patented and 100% made in Canada!

The push for legalization of medical and recreational cannabis is a widely discussed topic, and now is as important as ever to push the boundaries. Reform is on the horizon, and festivals such as this one will ensure that the public’s voice is heard, loud and clear. We’d like to thank everyone who made the 420 festival possible this year. It’s been a truly enjoyable and memorable visit to Canada.

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