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All New AccuTemp 16 cu.ft vac oven

The Biggest and Baddest Vac Oven On The Market

by | Nov 14, 2015 | Latest News, Vacuum Ovens

new accutemp 16 cu.ft. vacuum ovenThe brand new AccuTemp 16 cu.ft. vac oven is our latest addition to the AccuTemp Series, and it’s the biggest and baddest vac oven out on the market today.

This oven is perfect for any extracts lab currently doing mass production, or for the labs out there that are ready to take their purge game to the next level.

The AccuTemp-160 oven comes equipped with 6 heated shelves, 6 in-shelf temp sensors, 6 low gain controllers, and all stainless steel internal vacuum tubing and compression fittings, and don’t forget the built-in white LED lights that give this oven that extra swag. 😉

Check out what some of the AIfam are already saying about this vac oven.






Thanks to AIfam the Dab Lab, Miami Mango, and Downtown Hydro for sharing the awesome photos and video. Be sure to show some love for these guys and follow them on Instagram:

Dab Lab
Miami Mango
Downtown Hydro

This oven is in stock and ready to ship from both our locations. Click here or call 888-988-0899 to get yours shipped today.

Have you already gotten your AccuTemp 16 cu. ft. oven? Tag us on Instagram for a shoutout, and let us know in the comments below.

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