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This Canadian Startup is About to Bring Odorless Cannabis to Market

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Latest News, Rotary Evaporators, Short Path, Vacuum Ovens

A Growing Diversity  

Cannabis cultivation goes back thousands of years. Modern techniques have made the effort far more sophisticated. As a result, we have an exceptional diversity of cultivars and products. We have indica that relaxes the body, aids sleep and soothes muscle pain, and sativa that energizes and induces creativity. That’s not to mention the cornucopia of terpenes, each having their own set of health benefits.

Now, with the legalization efforts dotting the US and the globe, scientists and startups are going further. One company is designing a specialty line just for horses. Another is creating cannabis that has a super-fast activation rate. You’ll feel the effects in minutes. But perhaps the most interesting breakthrough, just recently announced, is near odorless cannabis. CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp., an Ontario-based company, is developing such a product. 


CannabCo says they just entered into an agreement with an “undisclosed technology provider.” President and CEO Mark Pellicane told Vice that when he saw his first sample, he immediately saw the potential. The original product was called “PURECANN.” Developed for the medical market, not only is the aroma eliminated, but the product is smoother. Users don‘t cough as they might when inhaling traditional cannabis. 

Storage is improved too. Users and patients often complain about the pungent odor emanating from their pocket or handbag. This can also affect an apartment or condo. The process makes stored or consumed cannabis virtually undetectable. They even say it leads to a less heavy residual feeling, what’s known as a weed hangover or the “day after effect.” 

What’s Next? 

CannabCo is currently waiting to receive their license from Health Canada. They’ve already gotten a Confirmation of Readiness notification. In the meantime, they’re raising capital and constructing a facility in Brampton, Ontario. Rather than focusing on one particular product, Cannabco plans to produce a number of product lines to cater to different segments of the medical and recreational markets. Their technology is fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standards, they say. This is a set of regulations for cleaning, handling, processing, packaging, and quality control, for facilities and the products they produce.


Not everyone welcomes this breakthrough. American cannabis activist and expert Steve DeAngelo told BNN Bloomberg that the Canadian cannabis he’d had has a low terpene profile. He didn’t enjoy the flavor. It  “just wasn’t attractive,” he said. Some experts believe Cannabco’s variety might even be blander. Furthermore, terpenes add to the entourage effect. Will this product be less effective? 

Part of the reason for its development is to address the stigma surrounding use. Pellicane told Vice, “Cannabis is great, but there are human beings around us that do not or cannot tolerate the smell.” He added, “What is the harm in using cannabis and respecting others that do not want the odor when the situation requires it? It’s about respecting others as well.”

Ai Vacuum 

As legalization efforts continue, so does the diversity of products and the need for different kinds of equipment. One of the fastest-growing segments is the extraction industry. As a result, demand is growing for post-processing equipment, to finish and polish extracts and concentrates. Those seeking such equipment choose Ai Vacuum, the premier provider of high-quality, post-harvest equipment, along with the best customer support

For solvent reclamation, we recommend one of our SolventVap series rotary evaporators. These are pervasive throughout the industry. Our 10-liter model is a good choice. It’s rugged, reliable, efficient, and turns out uniform results time after time. A specially designed motor and worm gear provide quiet, vibration-free rotation at speeds of 100 to 180 RPM. It also has a digital water bath that offers precise temperature control. This is programmable from ambient temperature to 99°C (210°F). The bath has a PID controller which is so precise, it steps up the temperature at 0.1°C increments.

Distillation and Off-Gassing 

An Ai short path kit can take care of all your distillation needs. Our 10-liter model is a great choice. Each glass piece is made of heavy-wall, high borosilicate glass 3.3. This is one of the most durable kinds on the market. It’s resistant to cold, heat, and corrosion. Another important feature is a large vacuum jacket. This provides extremely efficient fractioning, while an increased head diameter significantly reduces the risk of clogging. All PTFE thermo inlet adapters and Viton gaskets are corrosion-resistant. This allows the kit to last a long, long time.

For off-gassing or purging, pick up one of our award-winning AccuTemp series vacuum ovens. The AccuTemp 1.9 cu ft. model is a best-seller. What makes it so good? This and all Ai AccuTemps have five-sided heating technology. This unique feature offers exceptional temperature uniformity and precise control. Another advantage, our AccuTemps hold a higher ultimate vacuum, held 10 times longer than the industry standard. This is achieved through internal, stainless-steel tubing. What’s more, all AccuTemp ovens arrive UL/CSA certified, so you know you’re in compliance.

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