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ULVAC Designs Dynamic new Diaphragm Pump Exclusively for Across International 

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Latest News, Vacuum Pumps



Livingston, New Jersey, December 5, 2018: In an exclusive collaboration between Across International (Ai) and ULVAC–an industry leader in vacuum systems, Ai is now the sole distributor of the ULVAC UDP-6 6 cfm 2-stage diaphragm pumps. Built to Ai specifications, anyone doing any large-scale rotary evaporating or jacketed glass reactor applications will be highly interested in this pump. It’s rugged, robust, and can weather extremely volatile, corrosive gases alongside general wear and tear.

How does it do this? Its core membrane is made of an extremely durable polymer called EPDM and coated in corrosion-resistant PTFE. This is the only pump in the world that accomplishes 6 CFM at a depth of vacuum of 6 Torr with only two membranes. This pump does with two membranes what others do with eight! Diaphragm pumps have a much lower cost of ownership as compared with other types.

That said, this one is even more cost-effective. Simply put, fewer membranes means savings. How so? Even though diaphragm pumps need less maintenance than other types, when it comes to servicing, you only need to replace two diaphragms, meaning less time spent maintaining the pump and less money spent on a replacement kit.

This unit’s two aluminum heads and stainless-steel KF25 fittings make it durable and allow for high speed, deep vacuum. Best of all, the pump is hundreds of dollars less expensive than the closest competitor’s model. Not only is it lower in cost, it’s 33% lighter than others in its class, making it easier to maintain, move, and store.

While this built-in Japan ULVAC UDP-6 pump isn’t currently UL/CSA certified, we expect to have it done by the 1st quarter of next year. This high-quality pump was extensively tested for an entire year, before being released to the public. One such test included five consecutive days of continuous operation under a heavy vapor load, equaling over 100 hours of continuous usage.

The ULVAC UDP-6 is perfectly suited for large-scale rotary evaporation, large-scale jacketed glass reactor applications, and our larger vacuum ovens, such as our Elite 4.4 cu. ft. model or our AccuTemp 3.2 cu. ft. model. As stated by Mr. Max Takamatsu, Product Manager at ULVAC, “We are really thrilled to provide this new ground-breaking pump technology exclusively to our number one distributor, Across International. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Ai as our partner now and into the future as we continue to build innovative and cost-effective pumps for their customers for many years to come.”

Across International is an industry leader in laboratory, heat treatment, and material processing equipment. Its mission is to empower those advancing science by offering innovative, high-quality equipment, along with the best customer support.

For more information, please visit: https://acrossinternational.com

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