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Interview With Urban Remo At Spannabis 2015

by | May 31, 2015 | AI Fam

The legendary Remo (aka The Urban Grower) stopped by for an interview with one of our specialists, Max, at Spannabis 2015. We’re very excited to have had the chance to hang out with with Remo in Barcelona. We’ve always been impressed by his amazing, nutrient-rich grow process and the diversity of flowers that he produces.

About Remo

Remo is a well-known figure throughout the medical marijuana industry worldwide. He has been growing amazing medical-grade cannabis for over 10 years, and his hit “Urban Grower” series on Pot.tv has been been viewed by millions.

His legendary skills as a grower have won him 14 awards worldwide and have also helped thousands learn the the proper way to produce a world class product of their own.

It’s no secret that better buds produce better medicine, and starting your oils with healthy, rich flowers will always produce a better end product. Be sure to visit Remo Nutrients to learn more about his grow process and selection of premium plant nutrients and supplements.

Interview Highlights:

  • Max gives a hands-on look at our  AccuTemp Series desktop ovens and explains how they benefit the industry; especially those starting out on a smaller budget.
  • Stone Shelves vs Aluminum Shelves? Max explains the details on both shelving types including their separate applications.
  • Max explains our different vacuum pump options and lists the 3 most important questions to ask when matching a vacuum pump to your oven.
  • Max and Remo meetup with the Positronics Team and LaFumo to show off their gigantic AccuTemp 7.6 with ultra-violet LED light upgrade.

Special thanks to Remo and Max for putting together such a great interview for the community!

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