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elite 7.6 cu.ft. vac oven

Dream Team: Elite Series 7.6 and Edwards Nxds10i

by | May 3, 2015 | Vacuum Ovens, Vacuum Pumps

Is It Time To Level Up Your Purge Game?

This article is written specifically for any professionals – individual extraction artists and labs alike – who are looking to take their purge game to the next level.

So if you’re still producing small batches on an infrequent schedule, then what you find here may or may not be useful to you.

How Do You Know If It’s Time For A Change?

level up your purge game

take the plunge; level up!

If you’re still unsure, here’s 3 indicators that it’s time to level up:

  • You aren’t able to purge enough product to fulfill demand
  • You need to increase the quality of your extracts
  • You’re searching for a solution that will maintain a contaminant-free and safe workspace

Solution Part 1: Elite Series 7.6 cu.ft. Vac Oven

The all new 7.6 cu.ft. Elite Series oven is the perfect solution for those in need of an oven that can produce very large batches quickly and efficiently without sacrificing end product quality.

The 7.6 cu.ft. chamber capacity (dimensions = 24″W x 24″D x 24″H) accommodates huge batches at  a single time and also provides ideal surface area for its 7 aluminum shelves; vital factors that ensure proper purging of any left over solvents.

Key Features

Industry best 3% temp. uniformity across all shelves
Newly redesigned 5-sided chamber jacket heating system
Extra uniformity port for more uniformity control
Adjustable gas inlet with needle valve for precise control of airflow (or controlled gas of your choice)back into the chamber
Extremely quick heating rates (The new Elite Series heats up twice as fast as other models)
Heavy-duty stainless steel build with exceptional finish and quality

Give your production rates a serious boost – The Elite 7.6’s capacity for purging large batches of product at one time – combined with its quick heating rates and hyper-accurate temperature control – will give you that much needed boost in production.

5-Sided Heating Jacket Chamber – The newly redesigned heating system provides ultra-fast heating rates (twice as fast as our older ovens) and perfect temp. uniformity. All of our Elite ovens are ensured to have a temp uniformity of 3% across all of its shelves; currently the best in the industry.

Accurate Temperature Control – The extra uniformity port allows you to control your oven’s uniformity levels even more precisely and we all know that more accurate, even temperatures equals less time and turns in the oven.

Solution Part 2: Edwards Nxds10i Oil-free Vacuum Pump

edwards oil free 6.7 cfm
This 6.7 CFM dry scroll pump from Edwards, a leading developer of vacuum products, makes the perfect partner to the Elite-76.

This pump not only provides the perfect pump speed and pressure to your oven for the purging process, but it’s also exhaust-less and oil-free.This means you can safely operate it indoors without having to worry about exhaust ventilation contaminating your workspace.

Maintaining a contaminant-free working environment is vital to producing clean extracts, and this dry-scroll pump is perfect for achieving just that.

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