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AI EasyVac 7 CFM Vacuum Pump Now Back In Stock

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Vacuum Pumps

AI EasyVac 7 CFM Vacuum Pump
One of our most popular vacuum pumps is now back in stock and ready to ship from our New Jersey or Nevada location!

The EasyVac-7 is a single-stage, sliding-vane rotary pump that is compact, lightweight, easy to use, and packs an ultimate vacuum level of 75 micron/millitorr.

The EasyVac pump also comes stock with an exhaust oil mist filter which eliminates any vacuum oil mist from polluting your working environment. It also returns trapped pump oil back to your pump and makes your pump much quieter during operationEZ Swap oil mist filter


  1. 3/8″ hose Barb vac connection
  2. 3 ft. food grade silicon vacuum tubing
  3. EZ-Swap vacuum pump exhaust oil mist filter with KF25 clamp and O-ring

All of this is for the low price of just $490.

If you’re looking for an awesome vacuum pump that’s highly effective and economical, head over to our website to grab your EasyVac while they’re still available.

Get Yours Now!

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