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AI CleanVac 5.1 CFM Oil Free Vacuum Pump

Level Up With A CleanVac Series Vacuum Pump

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Vacuum Pumps

We’re proud to announce the release of our all new line of vacuum pumps – the AI CleanVac Series! These scroll pumps are designed for the serious extractions professional and are built to produce clean, high-quality cannabis extractions.

We currently carry three different pump options, and all pumps come stock equipped with every feature necessary for producing a clean medical-grade product. All pump options also include the necessary fittings within the purchase price.

All pumps come with a free exhaust filter/silencer with fitting ($199 value), KF25 flexible stainless steel bellow (3.3 ft), clamps and centering rings set ($219 value).

Important Vacuum Pump Features

Completely Oil-Free
CleanVac pumps are completely oil-free which provides a clean vacuum environment, prevents cross-contamination, and eliminates any hassles such as lubricant maintenance.

Ultimate Vacuum Level Control
All CleanVac pumps come equipped with a standard adjustable gas ballast that puts you in complete control of your equipment’s vacuum levels.

Cutting Edge Tip Seal Technology
These pumps also feature the absolute latest in tip seal technology that gives these pumps a significantly longer life between tip seal changes which lowers your overall maintenance costs.

Built-in Air Cooling System
CleanVac pumps also have a built-in air-cooling system which makes them free from normal installation restrictions experienced with other vacuum pumps.

Heavy-Duty Construction
These pumps are composed of industrial strength materials and are built to last. They are perfect for long-term, reliable operation in the application of cannabis oil extractions.

CleanVac Series Vacuum Pump Options

We have a pump option for everybody no matter what level you’re currently at.

The CleanVac Series pumps currently come in 3 different options (click the links for more information and purchasing options):

If your looking for a vacuum pump upgrade that’s clean, durable, and capable of producing the optimal vacuum levels for quality BHO extraction in the shortest amount of time, the Cleanvac Series pumps are the perfect solution for you.

Check out the above links to view the separate CFM options, or visit our official parent site for more information.

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